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The 8 Best Surf Booties of 2022

By: Stew Langner: Surf Buyer | June 2, 2022


You’ve got surfboards, fins, a fin key, leashes, a changing hood, and a wetsuit in the rig, but don’t pull out of that driveway without a pair of surf booties! You won’t be any good in the water if it feels like you’ve got hooves instead of feet, or if you eat it on the rocks before even paddling out. You’ll want to check your local water temperature range and compare it to a wetsuit temperature guide before buying, as well as take a close look at all the features each surf booty is sporting. From paired down round-toes with no straps to split-toe, ankle-strapped, heat-moldable kicks, we’ve got a wide range of the best surf booties on this list.

New This Year:

This year brands have built new features and tweaks into already successful designs. If you don’t like a certain fit style or aspect, you can find a booty that meets your specific needs. Brands are also using their high-end neoprene and jersey materials in their booties, making your wetsuit and booty kit fit as seamlessly as possible.

best surf booties

Vans Surf 2 HI V 5mm Boots

Slide your feet into the Vans Surf Boot 2 HI V 5mm Boots and kiss cold, clammy steppers goodbye! With a warm and comfortable round toe design and adjustable straps over the top of the foot, the Vans Surf Boot 2 HI V 5mm Boots ensure you're covered and comfortable from the paddle out, to the paddle in. Vans booties have a famously snug and comfortable fit. Pair that incredible comfort with two slick colorways, and you’ve got the best wetsuit boots for those looking for a seamless transition from land to sea.

ThicknessFitOriginal Price
5mmRound Toe$90

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warmest surf booties

Vans Surf HI ST 3mm Boots

Ever wish you could keep rockin' your Vans while you surfed? Well, you're not alone! The Vans Surf Boot HI ST 3mm Boots keep you off the jetty wall while you're in the water thanks to a micro-waffle siped rubber outsole and split-toe construction. In addition to their top-notch grip and flexibility, the Surf Boot HI ST 3mm Boots have a gusseted top entry that works to maintain a great seal. The 3mm thickness might not get you through an East Coast winter, but these booties are a perfect fit for the no-nonsense surfer who demands performance underfoot in chilly temps.

ThicknessFitOriginal Price
3mmSplit Toe$85

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best wetsuit booties

Vissla 3mm 7 Seas Split Toe Wetsuit Boots

Frigid feet forcing you to cut your sessions short? Throw on the Vissla 7 Seas Split Toe Boots and paddle out with their enhanced traction and insulating warmth. Designed to fit snuggly but true to shoe size, these strapless split toe booties will completely transform your cold water surf experience. On the more affordable end of this list, these Vissla 7 Seas booties are great for a surfer who goes through gear fast, or those just looking to dip their toes in the cold water surf world.

ThicknessFitOriginal Price
3mmSplit Toe$59.95

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best wetsuit boots

XCEL 3mm Drylock Split Toe Wetsuit Boots

Treat yourself to some toasty toes in the XCEL 3mm Drylock Split Toe Wetsuit Boots. Featuring a single rubber bottom for max durability and board control. Head to any cold-water surfing destination, and you’ll see a ton of XCEL Drylock booties in the lot. These puppies are tried and true, and their Drylock ankle seals will keep water out even on the heaviest of bails. These are the best booties for those looking to charge without questioning the reliability of their gear.

ThicknessFitOriginal Price
3mmSplit Toe$94.95

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best surf booties

Rip Curl 5mm Dawn Patrol Round Toe Boots

Keep your flappers warm in chilly waters with the easy-wearing, seam-sealed Rip Curl 5mm Flashbomb Round Toe Boots. These booties don’t have any obvious bells and whistles, but their E4 Neoprene is 30% more flexible, 20% lighter, and 10% warmer than their previous E3 construction, which was already an amazing material. These are the best booties for the budget-minded surfer still interested in maintaining toasty toes.

ThicknessFitOriginal Price
5mmSplit Toe$54.95

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best surfing wetsuits of 2022

Solite 5mm Custom 2.0 Wetsuit Boots

The waves are cold and forbidding, and lesser mortals have turned around, but it's ok – you have the Solite 5mm Custom 2.0 Wetsuit Boots and you know they're going to deliver. For the latest model, Solite went back to the drawing board and redesigned their patented heat-moldable 2.0 Thermofoam Sole for greater comfort and dependable performance, no matter how troll-like your feet are. Coupled with their fantastic warmth and grip, these are the booties to reach for when winter rolls around. Solite is a relatively new brand, but they make some of the warmest wetsuit boots and are already making waves amongst the hardcore East Coasters who pull them on in snowy parking lots from Maine to New Jersey. Grab a pair of the orange-soled colorway if you want your buddies to find in you a crowded lineup!

ThicknessFitOriginal Price
5mmSplit Toe$79.95

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Best surf booties

Solite 5mm Custom Pro 2.0 Wetsuit Boots

Pop quiz, hotshot: it's March, chilly outside, and even colder in the water. Brunch sounds good but the swell is pumping and the waves are damn near perfect. What do you do? Easy, slip into the Solite 5mm Custom Pro 2.0 Wetsuit Boots and go get some. These booties pack tons of warmth thanks to Solite's new metal-grid Thermal Rebound plush lining, and they're easier than ever to get on and off. The real question is, what took you so long? Pretty much as good as it gets in the fit and security realm, these are the best surf booties for cold water for the surfer who will make no compromise when it comes to performance, warmth, and fit.

ThicknessFitOriginal Price
5mmSplit Toe$99.95

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best womens surf booties

Billabong 5mm Furnace Synergy Split Toe - Women's

Yeah, water temps are cold, you...see those waves?! They're getting surfed fo sho. The Billabong 5mm Furnace Synergy Split Toe Wetsuit Boots offer protection from cold waters and rocks from spoiling all the fun. Featuring the only women’s specific fit on this list, these Billabong booties are going to best women’s surf booties for ladies who’ve had trouble with other brands, or who just want a little pink flair on their feet!

ThicknessFitOriginal Price
5mmSplit Toe$55.95

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The Selection Process:

Our surf buyer has an endless amount of knowledge on all things surfing stemming from years of experience in the surf industry in tandem with their countless hours out in the water catching waves around the world. evo's buyers assess all products coming to market, lean into this knowledge, and put together this selection of the best products. They have a unique perspective as they truly see everything offered across the category.

Stew Langner

Hi! My name is Stew Langner, and I am a Surf Buyer here at evo.  While I didn’t grow up on an oceanic coast, my love for water stems back to my home in Northern Michigan.  Board sports are one of my true loves, and once I moved to the coast, surfing was welcomed into my life. I started surfing at Rockaway Beach NYC in the summer of 2009. The warm mellow waves and fish tacos had me hooked! The following year I moved to Washington and began working for evo. I’ve worked my way up through the store, selling boards on the floor, to the evo HQ and managing our surf business. The cold-water surf here in Washington is not for the light of heart, however, like the rugged coastline, it builds a hearty character and appreciation for those perfect surf days.