evo Seattle Ski and Snowboard Shop Services

About evo's Denver Ski and Snowboard Tuning, Waxing, Binding Mounting & Repair

Our ski and board tuning service starts with a close look at your equipment when you bring it in. We’ll recommend a minor tune, an edge and wax, or a full tune up. We use the very best tuning equipment from Wintersteiger, rolling in new machines each year. We’ve been tuning skis and boards for more than 30 years and can tune yours exactly the way you want them - whether you are a competitive alpine racer or someone who hits the slopes once a year with your family. Tell us how you slide, and we will recommend the right tuning services customized to you.

If something is not performing the way you want, we take the time to listen to your needs and translate that into the proper steps to make your experience on the snow the best it can be. We are your location on the Front Range to get the tools you need to keep your equipment performing at its very best. We have a knowledgeable staff on hand to help you with any questions you might have.

Ski Mounting & Snowboard Mounting:

Standard Ski Mounting $55.00 Mount bindings, adjust forward pressure, set
DINS and function test bindings​
Re-Mounting $55.00 Plug old holes, mount bindings, adjust forward
pressure, set DINS, function test bindings​
Binding Calibration $20.00 Adjust binding to the boot, set DIN, perform function test, belt wax
Standard Snowboard Mounting $30.00 ($10 when you buy new boots from evo)
Adjust the binding to the boot, set DINS
and function test

Ski Tuning & Snowboard Tuning:

Edge & Wax $35.00 Sharpen base and side edges, polish
pass, belt wax skis or board
Hand Wax $20.00 Deburr and hand iron hot wax
Belt Wax $15.00 Deburr and belt hot wax
Quick Tune $45.00 Stone grind until flat, base edge, side edge, polish pass, detune and belt wax
Standard Tune $55.00 Minor p-tex, stone grind until flat, base edge, side edge, polish pass, detune and belt wax
Deluxe Tune $65.00 Major p-tex/coreshots, stone grind until flat, base edge, side edge, polish pass, detune and belt wax
Race Tune $80.00 Major p-tex/core shots, stone grind until flat, custom base edge, custom side edge, custom polish pass, detune, base prep and hand wax


Skin Trim $35.00 Cut the skins to match the ski profile and attach tip and tail clips if needed
Splitboard Binding Mount $30.00 Mount binding pucks to riders angles and width, install tour mode and heel risers, adjust binding to fit boot
Alpine Touring Mount $50.00 Mount binding to riders angles and width, adjust binding to fit boot
Cross Country Mount $30-35 Mount binding to riders angles and width, adjust binding to fit boot
Tele Mount $40.00 Mount binding to riders angles and width, adjust binding to fit boot


P-Tex $10.00 Starts at $10
Core Shot/Base Weld $10.00 Starts at $10
Edge Repair Estimate Only  
Base Patch Estimate Only  
Epoxy Work Estimate Only Starting at $20
Hourly Shop Rate $80.00  

Terms Explanation:

Belt Hot Wax - An automated machine-driven process that leaves your ride fresh and ready. The basic quick wax. (wax applied by heated belt, scraped, and buffed)

Hand Hot Wax - The hand wax offers a fine attention to detail that can't compare to a heartless machine. We'll be sure to cover those hard to reach places. For the hand wax, we use temperature specific wax that is applied by iron and thoroughly heated, cooled, scraped, and then brushed with a bronze brush. Then it's brushed again with nylon and finally horse hair. Very thorough.

Belt Grind -  The belt grind is a form of base flattening using 5 different gritted lubricated belts. It removes imperfections; it also smoothes and flattens out the base of the ski or board so you're reducing friction and getting a smooth ride.

Edge Grind -  Our edge grind is a form of side edge beveling and sharpening that leaves your edges in prime condition for tearing through snow. In addition this process also removes oxidation and nicks or burrs from the edges by grinding the ski or snowboard against a lubricated beveled belt.  The result is edges that perform better and last longer.

Stone Grind -  The stone grind tells you everything about your tune. A good structure or pattern can allow you to glide in that spring slush or prevent your skis from sticking in that dry cold sticky snow that we rarely have in the PNW. The easiest way to think about structure is to compare it to the treads on a tire. The treads on a car tire are there to move water out from under the tire and give you traction just like what structure does for your ski or board! Heat naturally occurs as you glide along on your bases; that heat creates a suction and if you have the right structure and wax for the current conditions you will glide through the different conditions effortlessly.

Ceramic Edge Grind - Edge beveling, polishing and sharpening using an automated machine that grinds the side and base edge of the ski or board using a lubricated ceramic stone that hardens the metal in your edges which makes them last longer and more resilient to unseemly encounters with rocks and the like.

De-Tune - This is the process of dulling your ski/snowboard edges at the tip and tail. Although some people find the concept of de-tuning counterintuitive, it is actually performed as a means of reducing the ski’s tendency to "hook" the snow during the turn. If you have a tendency to “catch an edge,” your skis may need a bit of de-tuning. Also many park and pipe riders like their ski or board to have a "heavy de-tune" so they don't catch edges on boxes or rails and some just want that "buttery" feel. Ask for a "heavy de-tune" if this applies to you.

Minor P-Tex - Up to 4" of P-Tex drip candle applied to fix gouges and scrapes on the base that do not penetrate completely through the base material.

Base Weld - When a rock or other element damages the bottom of your ride, it can leave a deep enough impression in your base to expose the ski or snowboard's core. This is affectionately known as a core shot. The process of fixing a core shot involves heating, laying and compressing new base material into the repaired area to seal from water and protect the core of the ski or board from the elements so your ride will propel you down the mountain consistently for years to come.