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DPS Phantom Ski & Snowboard Base Treatment

What is it?

Is DPS Phantom wax? Nope! It's a permanent, one-time application base treatment that eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards. Phantom’s polymer technology is convenient, has great glide and never wanes across all snow temperatures for the life of a ski or snowboard’s use.


One time application for the life of the skis or snowboard. That's what makes Phantom so conveneient. Phantom is absorbed deep into the base, so you don't have to worry about re-applying after a base grind.


Unless you're an obsessive tuner who uses temperature specific waxes frequently, Phantom is faster across the wide range of conditions possible on the mountain, and never degrades or wears off over time. Specifically, Phantom is measurably faster than all-temp wax in warm snow temps, with similar glide performance as all temp wax over colder snow. Plus, you can always wax over Phantom with a temp specific wax if you'd like to improve performance even further.


As DPS states, today's snow is tomorrow's water. Fluoro wax is bad for us and bad for the enivronment - the fumes are toxic on application, and it also wears off our ski and snowboard bases and eventually breaks down into smaller, toxic molecules that make their way into streams and rivers as snow melts. The EPA states that "FOC’s are not biologically inert and exhibit toxic effects on humans and animals and impact the overall ecosystem health."

Phantom, on the other hand, is inert and harmless to humans, plants and animals. No biological damage and no long-term environmental risks.

How is Phantom applied to your ski or snowboard base?

Phantom can be applied to skis or snowboards at home through strong direct sunlight in 2-3 hours, or by an authorized Phantom dealer with the Phantom Cure Station in 30-40 minutes.
DPS Phantom Home Cure

Home Application

Phantom can be applied by an individual with access to direct and consistent UV sunlight to activate and cure the formula. Ideally, this should be done during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons when the sun is high and temperatures are warm. For proper Phantom application, it’s critical for there be strong, direct sunlight and temperatures over 32ºF / 0ºC.

Phantom cure time under direct outdoor sun is roughly 2 hours total (1 hour for part A, 1 hour for part B). It takes approximately another 20 minutes of prep work and brushing to complete an application.

Not-provided items/services needed for proper DIY Phantom application include a ski or snowboard base cleaner, or alternatively, employing a ski/snowboard shop to clean bases via stone grinding prior to application.
DPS Phantom Cure Station

Cure Station

Phantom can be applied professionally by an Authorized Phantom Installer like evo using a Cure Station. The process takes approximately 15 minutes for part A, and 15 minutes for part B, with minor additional preparation and soak time.

Cure Station application, available at select DPS dealers, is the most precise and fastest method to apply Phantom to skis or snowboards, and is a reliable all-season solution during the low light winter months, especially in more extreme latitudes, and in wetter climates where sunshine isn’t as consistent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the financial benefit of buying Phantom instead of regular waxing?
    Waxing is costly in terms of time and money; lugging skis to the shop, picking them up, etc. Phantom is a single maintenance that lasts forever. The cost of Phantom (USD $99) is equivalent to three standard wax services, which collectively lasts for only a matter of runs or days. In the end, Phantom yields tremendous value and delivers consistent and reliable performance, saving time, money, and energy.
  • Can a base still be waxed after application?
    Yes. If you are racing competitively, you can still apply special temperature-specific waxes over Phantom. For racers, when your temperature-specific wax wears off, you are still riding on a Phantom coated base, which is superior to the performance of an unwaxed base. The bottom line: 99 percent of skiers or snowboarders will be perfectly happy with using only a one-time Phantom application on their boards for as long as they own them without ever having to apply wax.
  • Do skis or snowboards still need to be tuned after application?
    All skis and snowboards still need to be stone ground occasionally to establish an appropriate structure for specific snow conditions and temperatures while removing “hair” from abraded bases. Edges still need to deburred and sharpened. Base damage still needs to be repaired and maintained. Phantom addresses the base’s gliding surface exclusively.
  • What happens if your ski/snowboard suffers base damage that needs repair?
    Depending on the size of the repaired section, Phantom would need to be applied to the P-tex repair zone to maintain consistency across the entire surface area of the base.
  • Can I apply the treatment at home, and can I do it myself?
    Phantom can be applied at home or by a ski or snowboard shop. The home application process takes about 20 minutes, with 6 hours of additional ‘drying’ time for Phantom to fully penetrate the base.
  • Can it be used in other sports or applications?
    Not at this time. Phantom has been developed to work specifically on alpine ski and snowboard bases. We do not vouch for or endorse Phantom for any other sport, including nordic skiing.
  • Does Phantom work with skins and for backcountry skiing?
    Phantom is an amazing tool for backcountry skiing and splitboarding. Wax is no longer removed by skins, skin glue is no longer contaminated by wax, and you always have glide in variable snow conditions all season long.
  • Does Phantom change the appearance of the skis?
    Your skis or snowboard will retain a glossy black appearance after a Phantom application. After thirty days or so of use, any base material will begin to look “dry” as snow abrasion starts take its toll. At this point, a stone grind will freshen the appearance to new.
  • Is there a shelf life or temperature storage requirement?

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