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Level 1 Habit World Premiere

Queue the stoke, bring on the pro skiers, sprinkle in 100s of your long-lost winter friends, and get ready for winter; it’s ski movie premiere season. For 18 years, Level 1 Productions has been bringing us some of the finest films in skiing, continuing with this years offering, Habit. We rolled into to Denver to witness the live action of the film’s world premiere, and it was a dang good time. Many of the film’s stars were on hand dishing out the schwag, and the Denver crowd knows how to get stoked for winter, bringing enthusiastic cheers all night long. 
The night started off mellow as the excitement built for the big show. Level 1's head honcho, Josh Berman, was cranking away in the office until the last minute, as the crew got things ready to rock at the theater. Hanging at the new Level 1 office in Denver’s Sante Fe Art District, stoked skiers came through to jam out to the massive Redbull truck and grab their tickets.

The party moved on to the evo Denver store, where fans had the chance to come through and grab some pizza with the heros from the silver screen. Movie premieres are really an awesome time, and bring out the “summer camp feeling” in strength. That feeling when you reunite with the winter crew for the first time in months, when you start making plans for ski trips, and swapping old stories of crashes and triumphs alike. It’s like summer never even happened. In Colorado, this lucky bunch isn’t even that far away from breaking out the skis, with resorts like Arapahoe Basin and Loveland firing up their snow guns.

With pizza eaten and autographs scored, it was time to head over to Cervantes for the big show. The venue is small, with standing room only on the floor level, with an upper deck looking down into the crowd. Berman told us that the team always makes sure the venues are standing-only, it creates a better community atmosphere, bringing skiers of all ages together to enjoy one heck of a film.
When the lights lowered and the countdown dropped, the crowd fell into a quick silence, that didn’t last long. Soon after the intro, the hammers of Keegan Killbride drop, and the energy levels jump off the charts. Seeing the skiers watch their friends and family view their season of hard work is truly awesome.

The film was well received, from the urban bangers of Killbride, Khai Krepela, LJ Strenio, Sami Ortlieb, and others, to the big mountain destruction served up by Tatum Monod, Wiley Miller and the crew. While the film is certainly the magnet that attracts the crowd, it’s the community and kinship that make film premieres special. The story of the film focuses on the things that make us skiers, and the things that make us addicted to this lifestyle. These are the same things that bring us together to get excited for another winter of riding with friends, sharing chairlifts and highfives, and another year of sliding on snow. Bring it on winter, we’re ready.