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Behind the Scenes in Russia with Level 1 Productions

Moscow Russia may not be the first city that comes to mind when planning a ski trip, especially in today's political climate. Despite the reputation, or lack thereof when it comes to skiing, the Level 1 crew took to the streets of Moscow to find out what the city has to offer. Skiers Keegan Killbride, Noah Albaladejo, and Laurent De Martin joined Level 1 filmer and Moscow local Danny Kushnarevich for the shoot. This crew, one American, one Spaniard, one Swiss, and one Russian may be seem even more random than the location. Their styles of skiing actually complimented each other quite well, however, stacking some awesome footage in spite of some serious mishaps, including a couple of gnarly crashes, a bunch of stitches, and a sketchy Russian hospital. Keegan brought serious versatility, LDM goes big and makes it look easy, and Noah's style is endless. Keegan said they met tons of nice (albeit drunk) locals, but also said his opinion of Moscow didn't change much over their trip, saying somewhat tongue in cheek,"I thought it was a gnarly place before coming here, and now I'm leaving  after realizing for myself that it is a gnarly place." Exploration, meeting new people (even if they don't speak your language), and exploring new places to ski is what ski movies like Habit are all about. Watch the full film for the Russia segment, and learn more about the trip with our exclusive behind the scenes video.