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The backcountry segments of Level 1’s new film Habit show off an awesome level of skiing talent, including some new faces. Perhaps one of the films biggest standouts, however, is Tatum Monod. Back with her second full segment in a Level 1 film, after her first full segment in 2014's film Less, 25 year old Monod is part of a new wave of ripping female skiers, showing that the ladies can really bring it in the backcountry. In Habit, she rips jaw dropping lines in British Columbia, conquering some tricky zones, and showing off her continually growing bag of tricks. Adding freestyle influence to her big mountain prowess--spinning 360s in the middle of backcountry lines--is one way Monod continues to push skiing to a new level. Watch Tatum's full segment from Habit and learn more about this badass lady-shredder below.  
Tatum Monod
Age: 25
Hometown: Banff, Alberta Canada
Current Home: Pemberton, British Columbia Canada

Talk to us about filming with Level 1 this year?
I had a great opportunity to work closely with Level1’s backcountry filmer Freedle Coty this season. We based out of my home in Pemberton B.C and accessed all of our terrain through snowmobiles and by ski touring. I worked really hard this season, no matter the conditions I was out there trying to get it done.

Was this your first solo segment? How does that feel?
My first solo segment was in the Level1 movie Less but I feel like my segment in this years movie Habit is a stand out for me.

What about this segment, or last winter as a whole are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the progression I made in my skiing this year. I was able to bring some tricks into natural terrain like wind lips and spines. Things started off really shaky as I was recovering from some stubborn bone bruising in my knee from an incident the previous season. I had a major ‘oh shit moment’ during a Oakley shoot early season where I was seriously questioning how much I was going to be able to ski given the pain I was in. Luckily the bone bruising slowly went away and I was able to gain the confidence to push my skiing further than I ever had before.

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  Who or what are your biggest skiing inspirations?
I am constantly inspired by the people I am skiing and filming with. Being out there with guys like Kye Pedersen, who is in a league of his own or Sammy Carlson who skis with so much style and creativity or my boyfriend Wiley Miller who has some serious skill in route finding, accessing terrain and is very smart with decision making in the backcountry. It’s not only about being in the mountains with people who inspire you but also about being with people who can all work together and keep each other safe.

Walk me through your mindset while you're standing on top of a big line you’re about to drop into. Are you scared? Focused? Dancing and singing?
For me, if I am about to drop and I am scared or going off adrenaline I know something is going to go wrong. Skiing a big line isn’t at all adrenaline based for me, it’s all very thought out and calculated. I need to be excited about what I’m going to ski, but I am not the type to be singing and dancing. I am more focused and I am visualizing myself skiing the line as many times as I can before I even ski it.

Do you feel like a role model for women’s skiing? Or do you try not to focus on gender roles?
I personally get so much inspiration from other women. I think to myself “if she can do it so can I!” I grew up looking up to women specifically in skiing, maybe that’s because as a female it’s easier to relate to another female. This year specifically I have had a lot of women reach out and tell me that I have inspired them in some way, to me that is the ultimate, it’s something that is greater than myself and a huge motivation for me to keep doing what I do.

Who are some other women skier you think are killing it right now? How about on the mens side?
I would keep a close eye on Andrea Byrne and Rhegan Williamson, these girls have the real passion for skiing and are doing it for the pure love of the sport, not to be a pro, or get sponsored, or get instagram likes, or whatever, they are skiing because they have a deep passion and love for the sport. On the men’s side I think Logan Pehota is on absolute fire right now!!

Where do you want to take your skiing next?
I am starting with a very simple goal next season, to regain the confidence I once had. Last season I took a big crash in Alaska and it took a major toll on me physically and mentally. I’m going to take it step by step and in the end be stronger from that negative experience.