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The 9 Best Kids' Ski & Snowboard Jackets of 2022-2023

By: Sarah Ziffer: Women's & Kid's Techwear Buyer | October 10, 2022


Whenever you send your kid out into the world, you want to make sure they’re as prepared and protected as possible. And when the world you’re sending them into is covered in snow and thousands of feet above sea level, prepared and protected starts with buying the right kids' ski and snowboard jackets. The best kids’ ski and snowboard jackets are built with a tough face fabric for durability, backed up with a waterproof-breathable membrane to keep them dry, and filled with cozy synthetic insulation to keep them warm. They feature various amounts of insulation to accommodate different body temps and activity levels, unique design features, and a nice selection of styles so kids can express their personal flair.

New This Year:

This year, we’ve been stoked to see a continuation of the recent push towards more unisex styles amongst kids' snowboard jackets . We’re always in favor of inclusivity amongst all people, especially the youth. Many of our favorite kids' ski jackets for this year are offered in one style that has a complete range of sizes and colors so any kid can wear whatever they want when they're getting after it in the snow!

Burton GORE-TEX Powline 2L Jacket - Kids'

Burton GORE-TEX Powline 2L

Tired of soggy jackets and shivers putting a damper on your pow days? Get ready to experience storm-ready waterproof/breathable insulation with the Burton GORE-TEX Powline 2L Jacket. An incredibly capable jacket that's been purpose-built for the big kids who don't want to be held back by inadequate gear, the Powline 2L Jacket offers industry-leading GORE-TEX protection with unisex sizing and colorways that any up-and-coming snowboarder will love! Decked out with all the bells and whistles you've come to expect from a grown-up's snowboarding jacket, the Burton GORE-TEX Powline 2L Jacket is ready to rip pow day after pow day, bell to bell.

If you’re looking for the legendary protection of GORE-TEX, this is our choice for you. Our first option on the list is our go-to jacket rec for parents seeking out reliable, time-tested GORE-TEX waterproofing for their kids.

InsulationWaterproofing / ConstructionOriginal Price
100g Synthetic2L GORE-TEX$249.95

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Volcom Sluff Insulated Pullover - Kids'

Volcom Sluff Insulated Pullover

Don't get caught sluffin’ when it comes to staying warm and cozy in the snow! The Volcom Sluff Insulated Pullover is a reliable and stylish snowboard jacket that not only offers 10K/10K waterproof breathability to shed snow showers but it's also equipped with Volcom's Grow Tech technology to help ensure your youngsters don't outgrow it before the season has ended!

We love the pullover look of this Volcom jacket. It’s cool and unique, perfect for kids that don’t want to wear what everyone else is wearing, plus it offers full-on warmth, waterproofing, and breathability.

InsulationWaterproofing / ConstructionOriginal Price
100g/80g Synthetic2L V-Science$170

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Quiksilver Kai Jones Ambition Jacket - Boys'

Quiksilver Kai Jones Ambition - Boys'

Take a walk in the shoes of ski phenom Kai Jones with the 15K/10K waterproof breathability of the Quiksilver Kai Jones Ambition Jacket. With an eco-friendly construction and all the functional features you can ever want from your ski/snowboard jacket, the Kai Jones Ambition coat is here to enable you to spend more time playing in the mountains and less time trying to dry out and warm up in the lodge.

The Kai Jones pro model jacket has the least insulation of any jacket on the list, making it perfect for kids who run a bit hot, or serious young riders who go out in a variety of conditions and want the added layering versatility.

InsulationWaterproofing / ConstructionOriginal Price
80g Synthetic2L Quiksilver DryFlight$159.95

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Helly Hansen Traverse Jacket - Kids'

Helly Hansen Traverse

If your lil shredder likes to disappear into the trees or drop lines without notice, the Helly Hansen Traverse Jacket is fully equipped for all of their shenanigans. PrimaLoft® Black Eco Insulation stuffs necessary warmth into this water-resistant jacket, while a RECCO® Advanced Rescue System provides peace of mind if you lose sight of your precious cargo. With plenty of stash pockets for gummy worms and music, The Helly Hansen Traverse Jacket was made for functional fast fun.

This jacket is seriously warm, but the one difference that separates it from the other options on the list is that it lacks a traditional waterproof membrane, opting instead for a water-resistant coating. What this means is that despite the cozy amount of insulation, it also is much more breathable than a more waterproof option.

InsulationWaterproofing / ConstructionOriginal Price
133g SyntheticWater-resistant Polyester$170

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Patagonia Snow Pile Jacket - Toddlers'

Patagonia Snow Pile - Toddlers'

The sooner Junior gets comfortable in the cold, the sooner they can build those skills and join you on the hill for slope action. The Patagonia Snow Pile Jacket features THERMOLITE® insulation to help combat wintertime chills, a waterproof membrane to keep the precipitation and snowmelt outside, and is Fair Trade Certified™ for peace of mind.

This little jacket is the perfect choice for the smallest skier or snowboarder in your family. It has all the great features of Patagonia’s big kid jackets in a pint-sized package.

InsulationWaterproofing / ConstructionOriginal Price
150g Synthetic2L H2No$129

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Patagonia Snowshot Jacket - Boys'

Patagonia Snowshot - Boys'

"Dad, can we stay for night skiing?" With a jacket as toasty as the Patagonia Snowshot Jacket, your eager grom is going to want to stay out even longer on the slopes. The burly 75 denier H₂No® waterproof breathable shell combined with 150 grams of Thermogreen® insulation keep him comfy in everything from a downpour to temps in the teens. Let him get out and stay out in the Patagonia Snowshot Jacket.

We are big fans of what Patagonia has got going on. In addition to the attention that has been put into making their products ethical and eco-friendly, they also come backed by one of the best warranties on the market. As their primo do-it-all unisex kids jacket, the Snowshot gets two big thumbs up from us.

InsulationWaterproofing / ConstructionOriginal Price
150g Synthetic2L H2No$219

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Patagonia Snowbelle Jacket - Girls'

Patagonia Snowbelle - Girls'

The 150-gram Thermogreen® insulated Patagonia Snowbelle Jacket is Patagonia's warmest kids' jacket and features a waterproof breathable H₂ No® shell, so she'll stay warm even when it's wet. This is the perfect jacket for a wide range of winter conditions and comes with Patagonia's proven track record in outerwear.

The female-specific Snowbelle jacket offers the same features as the Snowshot, but in a slightly smaller size range and with a different selection of colors. We love the guarantee of Patagonia quality, and we love pink and teal.

InsulationWaterproofing / ConstructionOriginal Price
150g Synthetic2L H2No$219

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Burton Elodie Jacket - Girls'

Burton Elodie - Girls'

The Burton Elodie Jacket is a 10k, 2-layer waterproof shred jacket that small rippers are going to love. The Burton Elodie Jacket features a Room-To-Grow™ size adjustment system which means this bit of kit provides some room to increase the fit for when junior inevitably hits that mid-season growth spurt.

The Elodie is another girls’ specific jacket that we love this year. It has a cute and functional design with a collar that’s separate from the hood, allowing for extra coverage and warmth even when the hood is down.

InsulationWaterproofing / ConstructionOriginal Price
100g/80g Synthetic2L DRYRIDE$134.95

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Burton Covert Jacket - Boys'

Burton Covert - Boys'

The Burton Covert Jacket brings freestyle designs to youth snow jacket sizes. The 100g of Thermacore insulation plus mapped panels of microfleece lining are sure to keep youngsters warm out in the snow, while extras like an elastic hood gaiter and a variety of sweet patterns will make sure they love the way it looks as well.

If all you need is a good jacket, and aren’t looking for anything crazy, the Covert lives up to its name. It’s fully waterproof and breathable, has just the right amount of insulation, and looks clean and classic all with a manageable price tag.

InsulationWaterproofing / ConstructionOriginal Price
100g Synthetic2L DRYRIDE$154.95

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