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The 5 Best Women’s Ski Jackets of 2020-2021

The number one thing any lady shredder needs when it comes to gear? Trust. Because if you’re out on the mountain pushing your boundaries and breaking barriers all day, you’ve gotta trust your gear, rain or shine. Whether you’re slashing pow on a socked-in storm day, or arcing turns under a bluebird sky, your ski jacket should work with you, not against you.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve dug through the technical nitty-gritty and put together a list of the best women’s jackets that will make any day on snow the best day of the season. These jackets are designed to help you keep what’s most important in focus, without fretting over the details, or worrying about those clouds rolling in from the west.

And face it, not only do you want to feel good, you want to look good too. With this list, there’s no need to compromise function for fashion. Your skiing style shouldn’t cramp your personal style, and these brands know a thing or two about both. From hard chargers to apres enthusiasts we’ve got you covered with a line-up built to keep you lapping all day long. So without further ado, here are our picks for some of the best women’s ski jackets of 2021. Trust us, would we ever steer you wrong?

Trew Gear Stella Jacket

Best 2020-2021 women's ski jackets

Trew Gear was born and bred in the Pacific Northwest. Aka, when they say the Stella jacket can withstand anything you throw at it, they mean it. Primo waterproofing is the name of Trew’s game, and the Stella doesn’t compromise when it comes to “bomb-proof” protection, or breathability for that matter. Designed with backcountry enthusiasts and hard-chargers in mind, the Stella is equipped with tech that will keep you dry both inside and out thanks to its 20k waterproofing and breathability ratings.

Function, meet fashion. The Stella maintains its style without compromising your freedom. A tapered, boxy cut makes it the perfect layer for women that aren’t into the whole “fitted” “traditional” alpine jacket thing. Add in a longer tail and you’ve got a shell that won’t cramp your style, or your waist, all while giving your bum some extra coverage for those early morning ice-cold lift seats. Bonus, the Stella is equipped with all the pockets (seven to be exact), perfect for stashing your season pass, phone, headphones, snacks, or any other goodies you’re packing on the chair or in the backcountry. Made for crushing the uphill and the downhill, the Stella is one of the best women’s ski jackets for those that want a layer that can do it all.

Waterproof/Breathability RatingFitOriginal Price 
20k/20kModern Freeride Fit$399

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Arc’teryx Sentinel AR Jacket

The best women's ski jackets of 2021

With offices located just north of Vancouver, Arc’tyerx is also no stranger to nasty weather. They call the Coast Mountains home, one of the most unpopulated wilderness regions in the world, and one that receives almost 100" of precipitation a year. As a result, Arc’teryx is one of the most trusted in the industry when it comes to protective gear, and the new and improved Sentinel AR jacket does not fall short of the brand’s reputation.

AR stands for all-round, meaning this 3-layer shell can go wherever you go, and pass the tests of the elements with flying colors. Constructed with GORE-TEX that keeps water and winds out and a thin flannel layer on the backside for added warmth and comfort on the inside, its a shell that offers a bit more warmth than you would typically expect. The updated jacket adds a bit of length to the body for big mountain riders that need some extra coverage in the deep stuff. Keeping uphill enthusiasts in mind, the Sentinel AR jacket has pockets that remain accessible even with a pack on, a key construction element for quick access in the backcountry when taking off your pack isn’t the best move. If your main concern is earning your turns this winter, with a dash of relaxed resort lift laps, Arc’teryx’s Sentinel AR Jacket is worth the investment. You’ll be sure to have a long-term payoff.

Waterproof/Breathability RatingsFitOriginal Price 
28k/20kRegular, Hip Length$675

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Patagonia 3-in-1 Snowbelle Jacket

Best 2020-2021 women's ski jackets

If you’re looking for versatility and warmth, Patagonia’s 3-in-1 Snowbelle jacket offers the most bang for your buck. The multi-layered system has three ways to wear, so you don’t have to stress about quick weather changes. You’ll be able to switch up your kit just as fast.

Patagonia checks it’s H2No products against a 24-hour abrasion test that simulates years of use on their gear, so you can spend your money in confidence, knowing your shell’s waterproofing is in it for the long haul. The 2-layer H2No shell component can be worn alone, or with an insulation jacket that zips in and out, perfect for transitioning from a bitter stormy morning into a sun-bathed apres hang.

On the flip side, the insulation jacket is great for layering up, but can also be worn alone on days when you wish to ride without the bulk. It’s reversible, good for two looks in one. And it’s made up of 90% recycled Thermogreen Polyester, so you can check your style box and your eco-friendly box in one fell swoop. All in all, the Snowbelle 3-in-1 jacket is the perfect combination of layers for those that want to keep their preseason shopping simple without compromising on quality, protection, and warmth.

Waterproof/Breathability RatingsFitOriginal Price 
Not ListedRegular$399

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Helly Hansen Whitewall LifaLoft Jacket

The best ski jackets for women

Helly Hansen is “trusted by professionals”. Aka their gear is all about the details, and the Whitewall LifaLoft jacket has ‘em all. LifaLoft combines Helly’s patented Lifa technology with Primaloft insulation, meaning the jacket feels 20% lighter than your run of the mill insulated layer, retaining more heat without the added weight or bulk.

A long silhouette, sealed seams, waterproof and windproof fabric make up a tough, breathable exterior that has optimal coverage for riders looking to dive into some deep pow. Double-zipper details allow for some release around the waist and thighs for added mobility, and wrist gaiters with thumbholes prevent those pesky gaps between your mittens and sleeves from revealing themselves.

Added bonuses include the Life Pocket keeps your phone three times warmer than traditional jackets. This pocket’s thermal resistant materials were developed by NASA to protect electronics in space. Luckily for you, Helly has incorporated that same tech into your ski jacket to protect your battery life. And a longer battery life means more power for Instagram snaps.

Protection and warmth are important, but so is style, and the Whitewall LifaLoft jacket came to play. We’re a fan of the Pelican colorway, which is accented by corduroy details, so you can subtly stand out from the crowd without boasting about it. All-in, this women’s ski jacket has the tech and the style to hang in all conditions.

Waterproof & Breathability RatingsFitOriginal Price 
20k/20kRegular, Long Silhouette$400

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Rojo Aiden Ski Jacket

The best women's ski jackets of 2020-2021

Rojo Outerwear pays homage to the snow and surf girl gangs whose strands stay icy all year round. Designed in Australia by women for women, you can be sure any purchase from ROJO Outerwear will be equipped to fit your needs as a lady shredder - without the pink and purple overkill. Their team describes their customer as the “femme tomboy”, with an eco-friendly vibe. They’re committed to sustainability. So much so that 60% of the Aiden Jacket is made from broken down recycled water bottles, saving approximately 9 to 10 PET bottles from landfills, and instead, putting them to work in your gear.

We’d like to think that the Rojo target market likes to get down and dirty, so having a jacket that plays as hard as you do is essential. With a 50k tear strength, 20k waterproof, 15k breathability ratings the Aiden is as tough as you are. On the inside, fluffy insulation keeps your torso cozy, and a sherpa fleece-lined neck is almost like having a built-in gaiter. If you’re looking to ramp up your outwear style and eco-friendly repertoire, look no further than the Rojo Aiden Jacket. With her, you’re ready for action, without sacrificing comfort.

Waterproof & Breathability RatingsFitOriginal Price 
20k/15kLong Fit$275

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