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evoFit Custom Ski & Snowboard Boot Fitting Program

evoFit Philosophy

evoFit is designed to provide skiers with a high-quality custom boot fit that balances comfort & performance for a wide variety of skier and snowboarder types. We stand behind our foot assessment and product selection for each individual.​

Our Guarantee

We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible skiing and snowboarding experience. As such, we want to help you find the most comfortable ski boots possible. We assess each customer individually and stand behind our product selection for each rider’s ability level, budget, intended use, foot shape, and foot mobility. Even properly fit boots can cause discomfort during the break-in process, and everyone’s comfort level is unique. If we’re unable to make your feet happy within three fit sessions, we’ll happily exchange your boots for a new pair, or a gift card in the amount of your boot or evoFit program purchase.*

*For ski and snowboard boots, Respective Fit Guarantee included with the purchase of an evoFit Core or Custom Package. The Fit Guarantee extends for one year from the date of evoFit Package purchase.

What is Boot Fitting?

Cold and uncomfortable feet can quickly ruin a ski day, no matter how good the conditions are, that is why it is so important to start off with properly fitting ski and snowboard boots. Different ski boots are designed for different shapes of feet and different types of skiers - the best fitting ski boot will be different for almost every individual. 

Fortunately for all of us, things have come a long way since the days of cold, rear entry ski boots. In addition to better insulations and lighter, more comfortable materials, manufacturers now offer ski boots for wide feet, narrow feet, flat feet, or high arches. With the biggest selection and highly experienced boot fitters at each of our store locations, evo is the best place to buy ski boots.

Our professional boot fitters at our stores in Seattle, Portland, and Denver are some of the best around. They have years of experience helping skiers find their perfect pair of ski boots. The process of determining how to size ski boots can be confusing. evoFit's custom boot fitting service not only helps skiers start with the right boot, but helps them make any adjustments to the boots to better suit the individual skier. These adjustments range from heat molding the liners and shells of your ski boots, to punching or grinding out particular sources of pain. Come see our ski boot fitting experts at evo, and we'll help you get your feet out of your old icy plastic coffins and into warm and comfy high performance slippers.

There are millions of foot shapes in the world and only a few dozen boot shell shapes. A good bootfitter helps those two realities co-exist.
Greg Louie
evo Seattle
The guarantees of evoFit take the risk out of ski boot buying.
Brandon Alves
evo Portland
Painful feet aren’t fun. Skiing is fun. evoFit helps you find the fun in skiing!
Philip Cantrick
evo Denver

evoFit Program Benefits

evoFit Basic: 70.00

Sidas Winter 3 Feet Footbed
Performance Ski/ SB Sock 
50 % off boot-work and adjustments for one year from purchase 

evoFit Custom: 180.00

Sidas Winter Custom Footbed 
Performance Ski/SB Sock
Free Boot-work and adjustments for one year from purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does evo suggest buying a footbed and socks with the purchase of ski boots?
    Footbeds or ski boot insoles function as a “base” that connects your foot to the ski boot. Our fitting philosophy is based around “dynamic movement of the foot and ankle.” The footbeds we sell allow the foot to flex and rebound into its natural position. This support reduces foot fatigue and keeps your feet in a consistent position, allowing us to shape the ski boot to the shape of the skier’s foot for a true custom, performance fit. Ensuring each skier is in a thin sock (Light, Ultralight, or Compression) means the evo custom boot fitter is taking a key step towards ensuring the ideal functioning environment for the skier’s foot, ankle, and leg in the boot. Socks with thicker padding or that fit improperly can bunch and cause pain points that can be easily avoided.
  • What bootwork is included with my evoFit Package?
    Included bootwork is specific to your respective evoFit package. All boot services, such as: Boot punching and grinding, liner molding, footbed posting, accessory installs and additional fitting materials are available.
  • How long does the fit guarantee extend?
    The fit guarantee runs for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Does evo charge for assessing the fit of your boots?
    There is no fee for assessing your feet if you are buying your ski boots from evo. evo has a $25 fit assessment fee for boots bought at another retailer or 3rd party. The $25 fit assessment cost is deducted from the purchase of boot services, new boots, or boot accessories.
  • Can I buy ski boots boots through the evo website and participate in the evoFit custom ski boot fitting program?
    Yes. Any boot purchased from evo is eligible for evoFit if the boot is assessed by one of evo’s expert custom ski boot fitters in our Seattle, Portland, and Denver stores. To get an assessment, bring boots shipped to your house into our stores (box included) or use the “ship-to-store” option during checkout.
  • Can I buy boots from evo outside of the evoFit program?
    Yes. However, boots bought without an evoFit program level will be exempt from our return policy if used. The evoFit custom ski boot fitting program is designed to take the risk out of buying ski boots. If we cannot make your fit right within three fit sessions through the evoFit program, we will gladly exchange them for a new pair of boots and an evoFit package or refund your evoFit and boot purchase with a gift card.
  • I want to buy my ski boots online, how do I choose and what size ski boots do I need?
    Check out our comprehensive Ski Boot Sizing & Buyer's Guide:
  • I bought my boots from a retailer other than evo, can I opt in to the evoFit program?
    No. At this time boots not purchased from evo are ineligible for the evoFit program, benefits, & discounts.
  • Do I need to bring anything to my boot-fit?
    For boot fitting, wear shorts or pants that can be rolled up and bring a clean pair of thin ski/snowboard socks with you (or we have some to buy).
  • Can I book multiple people for one appointment?
    All appointments are for one person only, so if you have a friend or family member needing assistance as well please book them a separate appointment to ensure we have enough time.

A La Carte Service Menu

Just looking for a single ski or snowboard boot modification or repair? We also offer a la carte bootfitting service from the menu below.

Boot Fittings | Boot Modifications | Heat Mold Liners | Parts & Installations | Labor & Fees

Ski & Snowboard Boot Fittings

 Service Price Description
Ski Boot Purchase &  Fitting FREEAssistance finding the right boot and evoFit package for you with mild customization.
Custom Ski Boot FitVaries by serviceIn depth fitting, involving ski boots and custom footbeds or liners.
Snowboard Boot   Purchase & Fitting FREEAssistance purchasing and fitting new snowboard boots. 
Boot Fit Assessment $25For boots not purchased at evo. Cost can be deducted from additional services/products purchased.

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 Ski Boot Modifications

 Item/Service Price
Boot Punch$25 ($15 each additional)
Snowboard Boot Stretch$25 a boot
Shell Grind per Square Inch$20
Shell Length$30
Soften/Stiffen Boots$50
Boot Board Grind$25
Heel Lifts$10
Volume Shim$5
Ankle Wraps / J Bar$15

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Heat Molding Boot Liners 

Item/Service  Price
Custom Liner Mold$50
Stock Liner Mold (Ski & Snowboard) $10
Liner Stretch $40

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Parts & Installations

 Item/Service Price
Boot Heater Install$50
Ski Boot Buckle Replacement$25
Buckle (non Full Tilt buckles)$5
Replace Quick Lace$25
Booster Strap Install$25
Boot Sole Install$15
Foam per Square Inch$10

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Labor & Fees

Item/Service  Price
Boot Labor (billed in 15 min intervals)$60/hr
Rush Fee50% of labor

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