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At evo we see more than our fair share of gear -- you might say it's the nature of what we do. And every year, there are always certain brands that genuinely catch our eye for various reasons. From euro brands new to the US, to local upstarts or established names that're changing the game, these are evo's "Brands on the Rise" for the coming winter.
Black Crows

Black Crows is an independent french freeski brand from Chamonix. Founded in 2006 by pro freeskiers Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet, Black Crows was born out of a desire to collide beauty and efficiency into high performance skis. They create obsessively design driven objects -- from skis to outerwear -- that are uncompromising in performance and identity for contemporary skiing. Black Crows aims for the pleasure of the senses through freedom and adventure, and believe that ski culture is a window to the world.
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Faction was born in Verbier, Switzerland by a crew of Australian, Canadian, English and American ski bums. Since then, they've grown into one of the most watched companies in the industry. Maybe it’s because they pulled Candide Thovex -- arguably the best skier ever -- onto their team, but we think it’s because they simply make some of the most banger skis and outerwear. The mantra at Faction is simple, "Design the products we want to use. Hand craft them with love. Build them to last." Don't believe it? The skiing of The Faction Collective speaks for itself.
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Other Ski Brands on the Rise


Twin brothers Tyler and Bryce Kloster founded Karakoram in February of 2008 to follow their dream of combining their engineering careers with a shared passion for the mountains. Their first glimpse into backcountry exploration came in high school when they had just started teaching snowboarding at Alpental Ski Area in Washington State. They’ve been hooked ever since. Karakoram now produces some of the most renowned splitboard bindings for athletes worldwide, using input from riders like Jeremy Jones to continue pushing the envelope of splitboard binding design.

Each year, the founders and designers at Yes. are inspired by the same simple pleasures of snowboarding. This activity that’s given Yes. a culture and an identity has framed and flavored some of the most memorable moments of their lives. Whether it's the exotic pursuit of untouched zones in far-off lands, the scoring of "first chair" at the local resort after a dump, or finally landing a trick they’ve slammed on a hundred times.
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Other Snowboard Brands on the Rise


Founded in Aspen Colorado, Strafe is a collection of passionate individuals whose drive for adventure is rivaled only by a commitment to creating premium apparel for the mountains. Strafe pairs innovative materials with creative designs to deliver versatile and bold products with functional elegance and uncompromising performance.
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Picture Organic

France-based Picture Organic was formed in 2008 by three friends who were disappointed by the environmental ethics of the outdoor gear world. They started making ski and snowboard gear based on three principals: They wanted to make them in the most environmentally friendly way possible, they wanted to make them look good, and they wanted them to be priced the same as the less-organic offerings, so that people wouldn’t have to compromise their morals for dollars. Their goal was to ride, protect and share. Seven years later, they’re still doing it.

Freeskiing's original outerwear brand, Orage got its start in co-founder Evelyn Trempe’s parent’s basement. French for 'storm,' Orage came up just as freeskiing was getting started, becoming the go-to brand for the newschool movement thanks to a perfect blend of Montreal street style and snow-specific technical details. 25 years later and they’re still on the leading edge of that curve. Thy stand by their motto of “innovation through style,” constantly evolving their outerwear and apparel to keep pace with the latest trends and technical advances.
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Based out of Park City, Utah, it should come as no surprise that this ski and snowboard helmet company is relied upon by some of the industry's most prominent athletes. As early adopters of MIPS technology and with distinct freeride styling, Pret Helmets employ no-compromise designs with a fanatical attention to detail. If you're interested in keeping your head safe (and you should be) look to the cutting edge 2016/2017 lineup from Pret.
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Colour Wear

As a population, Scandinavians are known for being exceedingly stylish (and tall and blonde, but whatever), and that definitely comes through in CLWR’s offerings from their outerwear to their accessories. The company, which is based in Sweden, makes snow-focused outerwear, minimalistic hoodies and shirts, running leggings and more. CLWR is “uniquely bridging the gap between the wild outdoors and modern urban culture.”
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Sweet Protection

Safety third doesn’t quite cut it, especially when you’re getting into big lines on your bike, skis, or kayak. Thankfully, Norway-based Sweet Protection makes helmets, armor, and outerwear that will keep you safe while still looking good, without getting in the way when you’re riding. Inspired both by the California skate and surf scene, as well as the growth of whitewater paddling and biking in their native country, Sweet Protection is dedicated to making their products, “stronger, lighter, and better.”
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