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About Sweet Protection

Safety third doesn’t quite cut it, especially when you’re getting into big lines on you bike or skis, or in your boat. Thankfully, Norway-based Sweet Protection makes helmets, armor, and outerwear that will keep you safe while still looking good, without getting in the way when you’re riding. Inspired both by the California skate and surf scene, and the growth of whitewater paddling and biking in their native country they’re dedicated to making their products, “Stronger, lighter, better.”

Sweet has always prided themselves on their technical innovation, and now, in their 15th year, they’re really turning it up. They were one of the first companies to use carbon in helmets, and now they’re incorporating MIPS technology into them as well. They’ve also expanded their line of men’s and women’s outerwear featuring Gore-Tex®, and continue to deliver non-bulky spine and body protection that uses visco-elastic foam that is soft and comfortable yet extraordinarily shock absorbing.

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