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Picture Organic

About Picture Organic

France-based Picture Organic was formed in 2008 by three friends who were disappointed by the environmental ethics of the outdoor gear world. They started making ski and snowboard gear based on three principals: They wanted to make them in the most environmentally friendly way possible, they wanted to make them look good, and they wanted them to be priced the same as the less-organic offerings, so that people wouldn’t have to compromise their morals for dollars. Their goal was to ride, protect and share. Seven years later, they’re still doing it.

Eco Design Process

Environmental and social ethic is a big part of Picture’s plan. They design everything in France, make it from recycled materials, organic cotton, and re-used polyester, make it in a sustainably run factory, and ship it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. For example, Picture Organic re-uses all fabric trimmings as jacket linings and also make an extremely eco-friendly snowsports helmet called the Hubber 3.0.

Eco-Friendly Helmet Creation

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