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CLWR Ski & Snowboard Outerwear

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About CLWR

As a population, Scandinavians are known for being exceedingly stylish (and tall and blonde, but whatever), and that definitely comes through in CLWR’s offerings from their outerwear to their accessories. The company, which is based in Sweden, makes snow-focused outerwear, minimalistic hoodies and shirts that would be totally at home in Portland, running leggings and more. CLWR say they’re “uniquely bridging the gap between the wild outdoors and modern urban culture,” and so are we. A perfect fit.

P.LEX Family by Colour Wear

All of CLWR’s gear has a bit of a Swedish (read, good looking) edge but they break up their outerwear into four segments: Liberty, which is all about the backcountry, Fusion, which they say blends the lines of street and outerwear, Ride, their core line of ski and snowboard basics, and Urban, which is inspired by the Swedish fashion scene. Their leggings, hoodies, and hats are on point, too.

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