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Northeast Regional Overview

Where can you find some of the country's most die-hard riders, with snow conditions that humble just about anyone that's not from there? You guessed it, the East Coast. This region is notorious for pumping out some of the toughest skiers and snowboarders around, giving weight to the motto – "If you can ride here, you can ride anywhere." From technical trees to the extreme cold, the Northeast is ground zero for much of the United States' ski and snowboard culture. And the ice, did we mention the ice?!

Northeast winters mean sleet, snow, wind and bitter cold. Get ready with the Burton AK 2L GORE-TEX Swash Jacket and Pants. Lined with PrimaLoft® insulation and the weather-fighting properties of a GORE-TEX laminate, this killer kit is the durable winter-ready outerwear you want to be at your best in the Northeast.

Aggressive C3 camber and a medium flex profile make the Lib Tech Box Knife Snowboard a playful yet lethal weapon for terrain parks and playful natural terrain alike. Combine it with the Bent Metal Transfer bindings and Ride Fuse boots and slice up the mountain in style.

The East is known for great parks, tree-features and creative tow-rope usage, so solid head protection sure sounds handy. That's where the Smith Scout Helmet comes in - keep your noggin safe and style clean, and pair it up with the all-new Dragon PXV Goggles for crystal clear vision and optimal peripherial vision.
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With its clean cut and flattering silhouette, the Armada Resolution GORE-TEX Jacket packs a punch when it comes to keeping you protected from the elements. Pair it with the Armada Highline GORE-TEX 3L Bibs, the Patagonia Micro Puff midlayer and your baselayers for awesome warmth that you can customize as you see fit.
All-mountain East Coast skiers who appreciate a balance of on-piste aplomb and freeride versatility will love the Nordica Santa Ana 93 Skis paired with the Salomon Warden 11 MNC bindings. This setup doesn't shy away from high-speed riding, carves like a champ and floats impeccably in boot-top powder. Pictured is the Salomon X Pro 90 W Ski Boots, a fantastic boot that fits a wide variety of foot shapes and riding styles.

For accessories, we've chosen the new Oakley Line Miner XM Goggles paired with the Oakley Mod 3 Helmet. This smaller take on the popular Line Miner combines a retro look with premium Prizm lenses and signature Oakley style for head and eyewear that's as versatile as it is comfortable.
Men's and Women's Northeast Ski Collection
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