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Capitol State Forest
Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Wondering where to mountain bike near Olympia? The mountain bike trails at the Capitol State Forest are located just outside of the city, giving riders in the south Puget Sound area some awesome local trail riding options. Capitol Forest is a huge state forest, with nearly endless mountain biking options for all different styles of riding, from gravel grinding, to downhilling. There are many miles of dirt and gravel roads all over the state park, as well as many fun trails. Some of the trails are shared with motorcycles and other trail users.
 Total  Trails22+ Difficulty Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
 Total Distance78 miles Style XC, Enduro, All-Mountain
Mountain biking in the Capitol State Forest

Trails & Map

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evo's Favorite Trails

Wedekind & Porter Trail
Beginner | 18.8 Miles | 3,426' Climb | 3,590' Descent (East to West)

This combination of trails forms a long out and back beginner mountain bike ride, as well as access to many of the different trails and areas at Capitol Forest. Wedekind climbs to access the Crestline and Greenline trails, which are some of the more popular trails in the area. Porter Trail begins at the end of Wedekind and continues to the west end of the park. Both trails are smooth singletrack.

Intermediate | 3.9 Miles | 428' Climb | 884' Descent (East to West)

The Crestline trail connects Capitol Peak to the ends of the WedeKind and Porter trails. The trail works its way down the ridge line with mostly smooth riding and the occasional rock garden. Crestline rides well in both directions, and is great connector trail to make longer loops and rides across Capitol Forest State Park.

Intermediate | 5.1 Miles | 285' Climb | 2,138' Descent

The Greenline trail is a fun descending trail that begins at one end of Crestline near Capitol Peak. The trail weaves in and out of the forest and clearcut, with mostly buff riding, and a couple small technical sections. For the most part, Greenline is smooth and fast. It makes a great descent to the ride that goes up WedeKind and Crestline.

Capitol Peak & Twin Peaks Trail
Advanced | 4.8 Miles | 2,193' Descent

This combination of trails is one of the oldest at Capitol Forest, offering a great downhill ride from Capitol Peak. the Twin Peaks trail is a good mix of flow and features with a couple pedaling sections. Manage your speed on the lower section, or stumps and rocks on or next to the trail might catch you by surprise. At the end of the Twin Peaks trail, parts the Waddell Basin Trail can be ridden to return to the roads and parking area. These trails can be accessed by Crestline, or forest roads.
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Common Routes and Rides

Wedekind to Greenline Loop
 Total Distance 15.1 Miles Difficulty Intermediate
 Elevation Gain 2,828' Style XC, Enduro
 ClimbWedekind → Crestline DescendGreenline

How to Get to Capitol State Forest: Parking & Directions

There are several parking areas available in the Capitol Forest State Park. The best place to park for mountain bikers is near the Fall Creek Campground. For beginner riders looking for access to the easier McKenney and Mima Falls trails, there is parking available at both the Margaret McKenny campground and Mima Falls Trailhead. A Discover Pass is required to park in these areas. Driving from Olympia, it takes about 30 minutes to reach these trailheads. Take Highway 101 West out of town to Black Lake Boulevard. After about 10 miles and a couple road name changes, Sherman Valley Road enters the State Park.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

The mountain bike trails at Capitol Forest are located at low elevations meaning that they are accessible all year long. Trail work has improved the drainage on these trails, but it is still recommended to to wait a couple days after large rainstorms to ride here. Some trails definitely still get muddy, however.

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