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Black Rock Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Freeride mountain bikers will think they’ve died and gone to heaven when they roll up to the Black Rock mountain bike trails. This system of trails has a seemingly endless selection of drops, jump, and wooden features. These are the features most riders only dream about, too, from wallrides, to skinnies, drops, hips Black Rock has it all. There are really only three main trails at the Black Rock Mountain Bike Area, one beginner, one intermediate and one advanced. Each trail is split into multiple sections and has tons of options within the sections though. Perfectly sculpted dirt and well-built features make Black Rock a bucket list trail system for mountain bikers from Oregon and beyond.
 Total  Trails6 Difficulty Intermediate through Expert
 Total Distance 9.5 miles StyleDown Hill, Freeride
Black Rock mountain Bike Trails

Trails & Black Rock Mountain Bike Trail Map

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evo's Favorite Trails

Bonzai Downhill

Despite its beginner rating, Bonzai Downhill is a really fun mountain bike trail for riders of all ability levels. The trail is buff with both dirt and wooden berms as well as a bunch of wooden features throughout the trail. All features on the Bonzai Downhill have ride-arounds, which allow beginners to work their way up to larger features, and properly scope them out.

Walter Sorenson

Sickter Gnar

Sickter Gnar steps up the tech and the gnar, as the name implies, with bigger jumps and higher consequence features. After a techy start, there is awesome flow as the trail works through the epic Black Rock berms, then works its way into ladder bridges and features. As with the rest of the mountain bike trails at Black Rock, there are tons of optional skinnies and jumps spread throughout the trail. The flow on SIckter Gnar is so good, with great speed and, jumps and rollers. There are no large mandatory airs or gaps making the trail approachable for riders of varied ability. Sickter Gnar is one of the trails that makes Black Rock a bucket list destination, with its dreamy flow and fun features.  

Grannies Kitchen

  One more step up in difficulty, Grannies Kitchen brings more wooden features, and skinnier ones, too. A skinny ladder drop kicks things off, followed by a wide, rolling ladder bridge. There are a ton of fun ladder drops, and gaps on and off of features. This means big-time fun, but also riders should scope out the features before riding them. After some big wooden features at the top, the lower section has lots of dirt to dirt gaps of various sizes.

Vince Bugni
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How to Get to Black Rock: Parking & Directions

The Black Rock mountain bike trails are located near Falls City, halfway in between Portland and Eugene, directly west from Salem. Driving, Black Rock is 60 minutes from Corvallis, and 105 minutes from both Portland and Eugene. Getting to these trails requires travelling through privately owned land, make sure to be respectful as you do so in order to preserve future trail access.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

The Black Rock mountain bike trails are located at low elevations, keeping them snow-free throughout the winter. Wet weather will make the skinnies, bridges, and other wooden feature very slippery, so make sure to scout out lines and dial things back according to the weather conditions.

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