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At evo, we’re constantly inspired and impressed by the beautiful graphics that grace the skis we sell. We were interested in learning more about the artists behind some of our favorite brands’ skis, what inspires their designs, and how they ended up creating ski graphics in the first place. Learn more about the artists and their roots with our behind the scenes look at the lives of ski graphic designers.

Kay Flockhart // Faction Skis

I'm an artist from the UK, but lived in Verbier, Switzerland for several years. I work from a small studio in my home, and balance my time between looking after my daughter, painting, and trying to keep fit so I can keep up with her on skis. I'm a self taught artist. When I left school I dragged all my large paintings and portfolio up many flights of university staircases, only to be rejected as they said I worked in too many styles, and I needed to identify with one. So I became very self disciplined and studied at home, and to this day still enjoy working with as much diversity as possible.

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Travis Parr \\ Icelantic Skis

My name is Travis Parr, but I’m known as PARR by those who know my work. I am a father, artist and entrepreneur. I choose a life of the arts, of ‘wild love.’ My life and my work embody this elemental principle. My work has attracted an array of personal collectors around the world. With roots in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I grew up an avid skier, woodsman and pathfinder. After graduating from Laguna College of Art and Design with a BFA, I returned to my hometown of Evergreen, Colorado to launch and establish Icelantic Skis. I currently reside near the surf break in Laguna Beach, CA.

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Joseph Toney // Armada Skis

I first got into art/design in high school and simultaneously had to undergo a couple of knee surgeries which really allowed me to focus on creating things at a young age. By the time I was leaving high school, I already knew that my end goal was to land a job in the ski industry making artwork for skis. I worked on my local park crew back home in North Carolina from the time I was 16 to about 21. I did this off and on while living in NC and going to college there. In doing that I was able to have a hand helping design the terrain park and work in the summers painting art and stenciling logos onto the rails. On top of that, I would help design t-shirts, posters and the like used for events at the mountain. I took some time off in that time period to study design in Austria as well as intern and then later work for TGR in Wyoming. From there I went on to finish up school while still doing some freelance work for TGR, Jones Snowboards, and Armada.

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Juli Watson \\ RMU Skis

Juli is a visual artist and designer living in Seattle with her husband, Ryan, and 2-year-old son, Noah. Her background in the creative world started in fine art photography and painting and later into graphic design. She started sketching ski and snowboard graphics back in high school just for fun, never thinking it would be something she would get to do for work someday. But her love for art and skiing really wouldn't come together until, living in Summit County, CO, she was immersed in mountain life and was inspired by the people who were doing what they love to do, making it a priority, and even making it their job. Now, she mostly works with companies and organizations that are connected to the outdoor industry to visually tell their stories.

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