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Mountain Bike Knee Pads

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About Mountain Bike Knee Pads at evo:

For mountain bikers who put their focus on descending, knee pads are all but a must-have. There are a ton of different options available, too, from lightweight xc mountain bike knee pads to burly hard-shell shin and knee pads for downhill riding. Protecting your knees will save you from having to take time off the bike, and will help you confidently push yourself, knowing you won’t be picking rocks out of your scabbed knee if you do crash.

Choosing the best mountain bike knee pads comes down to matching the type of pad to your riding style. Thankfully, as trail bikes have become more capable over recent years for both climbing and descending, so have mtb knee pads. Newer generations of pads eschew the heavy and inflexible hard shells borrowed from the downhill world, and employ futuristic materials that are flexible for pedaling, but harden on impact. Check out our guide to choosing mountain bike knee pads for more.

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