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2024 Line Chronic 94 Skis Review

By: Zack Stetson, Store Supervisor  |  Last Updated: April 24th, 2023

2024 Line Chronic 94 Skis Review

The Lowdown

New for the 2023/2024 season is the Line Skis Chronic 94, a fully redesigned all-mountain freestyle ski that's more versatile and capable than ever. The main focus of this new design is durability. They have increased the thickness of the sidewalls and thinned out the tips with new thin tech for the lowest possible swing weight and less edge delamination. In this new construction, they have introduced bio-based resins to assist in durability. This ski has a symmetric flex and a consistent rocker profile same rise in the tip as the tail. All around a really fun ski to get on whether you are ripping the park or throwing out some fast carves on the groomers this ski has got you.

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Technical Details

The Chronic 94 has had a face lift and it is all for the better! Brand new shape however still keeping to the 94 mm underfoot. Rocker profile and flex on the skis are symmetric making for a very nice and stiff flex that you can really push into and holds steady. Thin Tip is new this year and will be on the chronic and bacon skis this year. What that is is thinning out the core of the tip and sidewalls. This new tech helps to lighten the skis by 100 grams, increased swing weight and a bouncier tip. The core of the skis is now an aspen veneer core which gives a lighter snappier feel. Thick cut sidewalls help to increase edge strength and Bio resin to help increase the bonding with the core. These skis rip and with the added tech has really helped in supporting this.
Sizes (cm)  164, 171, 178, [185]
Dimensions (Tip, Waist, Tail - mm) 123 - 94 - 117
Turning Radius (m) 16.3 @ 178cm
Weight (g) 1920 @ 178cm
Core Material Aspen Veneer
Super Powers Bio-Resin, Thin Tip, Thick-Cut Sidewall
Camber Profile Rocker / Camber / Rocker

Ride Impressions

I am 5'9" and I prefer a longer ski with decent amounts of rocker and ended up going with the 185cm size. If I wanted to I could have gone down to the 178cm and felt comfortable with the stiffness and durability of the ski which would have helped with the turning radius in the tighter trees. When it comes to stability at high speeds and bigger jumps and rail features I loved having the 185cm size under my feet though. These skis house an unreal amount of pop and power and with any effort at all can essentially jump over anything you want! I did some airs over a rainbow rail and 30ft down and landing was flat but stable and the pop was unreal. In my skiing, I like to be technical with my rail tricks and I found that when you have quicker combos they held up really well and were quick in the swaps. Spinning onto rails also felt so floaty, I am used to skiing a ski more like the 2023 and earlier Sir Francis Bacon and I found that you do not have to try as hard on the Chronic 94 due to the increased swing weight. If I was to compare this ski to any out there I would say that it is very relatable to the K2 Poacher however with better durability and swing weight. I skied a mix of conditions and honestly, the Chronic 94 handled everything that I threw at it. It performed better than expected in the chutes of Loveland Resort and loves the air time on Woodward's jump line ups. This is a ski that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a 90-99 mm park ski in this category.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


  • Edge durability
  • Low swing weight
  • Thicker core makes them impact resistant


  • Heavy due to thicker core
  • Stiffer flex
  • Does not have a butter zone when doing presses and manuals

Who Is It For?

The Line Chronic 94 is the perfect ski for someone who is looking for a long-lasting, durable park ski that can hold its own across the resort. This ski can be put threw the ringer and the new tech helps to make a way more stable product.  This would be the perfect ski for a competitor or freestyle ski coach who spends a lot of time on their skis.

The Bottom Line

Bottom line, these skis rip, and I am stoked to see the transformation that has become the Chronic 94! With all of the new tech updates focused on strength and just all-around building a very reliable ski lineup, you're able to feel super stable. 94mm makes for a size that can be used on the east coast for the more icy areas but with the rocker profile you can also rip out here on the west coast too. This ski excels in the park however you can take your park skills around the whole mountain with this ripper. My favorite new thing about this ski would have to be the increased thickness on the sidewalls making the skis feel really solid underfoot when sliding rails. 10 out of 10 would recommend this ski to a friend!

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Line Chronic 94 Skis Review Author

About the Reviewer

Name: Zack Stetson
Age: 32
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Size Reviewed: 185 cm
Location(s) & Conditions: Eldora Mountain, CO / Copper Mountain, CO / Loveland, CO
Mount Point: -1 cm from true center
Bindings: Look Pivot 15 GW Ski Bindings
Boots: Dalbello Il Moro Ski Boots
Riding Style & Ability Level: "Expert level with freestyle/big mountain background."

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