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Born June 8th 1973
Lives and works in London – England

Will’s work exudes motion and his love for all types of sports provides him with the endless subject matter he needs for his animated style. Will’s technique often involves the deformation of figures and objects, this deformation helps him create the illusion of speed and movement. Whether it’s basketball, motorcycling or a farmer plowing a field   Will is always pushing the boundaries, he is constantly looking for new techniques and brush strokes that will take his work to new levels. His experimentation with different shaped mediums, like drum skins or very large formats, seems to be the gateway to another dimension, no matter the medium, the shapes and figures seem to emerge with an undeniable power and intensity.
Will Barras

Will Barras

Will Barras

Will Barras


When/how did you discover your love and talent for art?
I always liked drawing, before I can remember; it was always what I would do.

Who and what influences your art?
Everywhere. First my mum and dad. Then comics and then friends.

How does the board sports culture influence your art?
I like to watch skate videos, and snowboarding sometimes, I like the movement and dynamic, and using our everyday surroundings for expression

How do you feel about wood as a medium?
I not sure, I guess it’s natural and super versatile

As a rider and artist, how important are board graphics to you?

I’m not really a rider.... but I like the canvas to be a usable object, a means of transport.  So the artwork for me should be an extension of the board or skis dynamic capability, or maybe offer a narrative involving it or the rider.  If you look at the greed skis you can see the way the character reaches towards the front of the skis almost like it’s greedy to move forward fast!

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