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evo: More than just gear

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Say hello to!

For the past few years, we've been having an identity crisis. Maybe you've noticed. All of our online friends knew us as evogear, the website, while local neighbors knew our presence in Seattle simply as evo. We felt confused, we felt conflicted. We wanted people on the internet to know we were more than just gear and cute beanies. And most of all, we wanted a hip, three-letter url. So we said a bittersweet farewell to and introduced our local Northwest culture to the world wide web...

We want all of our pals, online and local, to meet! Same old evo, brand new domain.

What is evo anyway? Ask five different people and you'll get five different answers.

  • "It's where I got my first snowboard."
  • "I met Pep Fujas at the Triple Threat event at evo!"
  • "It's a ski shop in Seattle, but they also have an art gallery and I heard there's a sacred room behind the tuning shop where you can channel Travis Rice's spirit for advice or encouragement."
  • "evo? Is that like evogear? The website my son spent his entire summer savings on?"
  • "I don't know what evo is, but whenever I walk by there's a party going on."

Stop walking by! Come on in or get online and say hi!

Ok, so we may not be able to offer Travis's sage wisdom, but we do put on online dance parties now and then and we provide a huge assortment of, well gear - from skis, snowboards and outerwear in the winter, wakeboards in the summer, clothing, skateboards, sunglasses, beanies - as well as walls strewn with art, monthly gallery opening parties, year round winter sports stoke, fine conversation, style and inspiration, refreshingly cold water, movie premiers, stacks of stickers, an occasional Seattle Sounders game on the big screen, two bathrooms and really awesome playlists. evo is a website and a shop. We're more than just gear and we're more than a good dose of Northwest sports and arts culture. We want to bring you the best quality gear for the sports we're passionate about, culture we think is cool, news that is newsworthy, brands that are style-worthy and, if we could, we'd send every customer a delicious Cuban sandwich from the shop around the corner. The bottom line is that evo is focused far beyond just the sales transaction because we participate in an industry that we love and sports that inspire us.

And if it really is advice you're after, our shop employees and customer care crew can most likely steer you in the right direction. Heck, they told me to stop writing love poems to snowflakes and start writing letters to our customers instead. Geniuses. Find out who we are!