From the beginning, we’ve built evo as a catalyst to weave together people, organizations, passions and causes. This year, we’re shining a light on those around us who share in the same journey – the people, organizations and places that bring individuals together, invite new generations and groups in, and create a vibrant culture and community around our sports and lifestyle.
While we explore those stories throughout the season, take a journey with us on how evo formed these community roots, and how they remain a focus today.

Bringing People Together Through Sport and Travel

We’d argue that more than half of the experience – skiing, snowboarding, bike riding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, etc – is the camaraderie. Sure, participating is about as good as it gets but the time spent with friends and family outdoors makes it truly special. These shared experiences “make lives better,” and that belief underpins our investment in participation and travel programs that build personal connections through shared passions. Whether it’s through evoTrip, All Together Skatepark, partnerships like Loge or any number of events, these programs connect people through shared experience of sport and passion to make our community bigger and stronger every day.

Uniting the snowboard community with his early season Dirksen Derby, explore how Josh Dirksen brings the snowboard community together in Oregon. >

Making an Impact

We believe all young people deserve the opportunity to discover their passions and achieve their full potential. Through Volunteer Paid Time Off for employees, round-up at the register, and programs like our 2% Give Together on evo private label products, we invest in programs and partnerships that help kids build positive skills and mindsets in the communities where we live, work and play.

This year, we've launched our Give Together Grant Program, selecting four organizations that connect young peopl to the benefits of outdoor experience, with a particular focus on youth who face barriers to accessing nature. As part of the Give Together campaign, evo customers and supporters will be asked to vote and share support for their organization to determine the distribution of $30,000 in grants from evo. You vote, we fund. Cast your vote today to make a difference in someone's life.

Gathering Places

Our stores were always designed to be a center for the community, not just a place for product. From the original Times Infinity Art Gallery in the Seattle store to today’s vast array of experiences, that passion has only grown. Visit our stores, and you’ll find mural projects, fundraising events, art gallery shows, movie premieres, skatepark lessons, bike demos, music performances, education clinics and so much more. Our doors are open to all, our staff is eager to serve and our goal is to create and support healthy communities.

Our Gathering Places story on Chamonix is live now - explore and enter to win a trip to Chamonix Unlimited Festival with evo and Black Crows now. 

On the eve of opening the Portland store, Bryce Phillips reflects on the value of community and the importance of gathering places.