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The first piece of gear you grab after deciding to go on a ride, your helmet choice deserves serious consideration. On top of keeping your future intact, today's helmets fit well, keep you ventilated, and look great. Lightweight and stylish, 2019's cranium covers are safer and more comfortable than ever before. Whether you're looking for a full face, half shell, or a hybrid that converts between the two, these buckets are worthy of your a-list.


The choice for most trail riders, half shell helmets are tasked with keeping you safe and comfortable all day long. They're light and ventilated enough to wear during those never-ending climbs, but still have to exceed safety standards for impacts at all speeds. With increased rear coverage and new safety features like MIPS, these half shells represent the top of the crop.

When it's time to drop into the heaviest sections or lay off the brakes as you deathgrip to clear an iffy gap, the confidence boost you get from a full face helmet is real: you may not be 100% sure if your line or speed are right but you know your gourd is going to be safe! Amazingly comfortable for their coverage, these new full face helmets are ready for bike parks, dirt jumps, and shuttle laps.