Juliana Women's Mountain Bikes

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The Brand

Juliana is a dedicated women’s mountain bike manufacturer that is proud to produce high quality bikes catering to beginners and aggressive female riders alike. All of Juliana’s bikes are designed, built and tested in California with the help of sister company Santa Cruz Bicycles. The concept of a committed women’s bike brand came about in 1999 when accomplished mountain biker Juli Furtado worked with Santa Cruz to design the first ever women’s-specific mountain bike. During her career Juli won five National Championships, three World Cup titles and two World Championships. She noticed that women were significantly underrepresented in the mountain bike market. After her retirement in 1997, she “made it [her] goal to offer women the best performing, most comfortable, and most beautiful mountain bikes possible." Since then, Juliana Bicycles has evolved into a successful staple of the mountain bike community. 

Juliana currently offers six awesome mountain bike models, ranging from a hardtail XC bike to a full suspension, all-mountain “Enduro” bike. With Santa Cruz’s patented VPP and carbon fiber technology, Juliana is able to manufacture some of the highest quality women’s bikes on the market. Juliana’s professional mountain bike team includes talented riders Anka Martin, Sarah Lieshman and Kelli Emmet, and the company is committed to telling the story of the women who love to mountain bike.

Juliana x evo

evo is an organization that is committed to supporting the efforts of women in the action sports community. Many of our employees, athletes and customers are passionate mountain bikers who also happen to be butt-kicking, name-taking women. As a dedicated women’s bike producer that has led the industry from the beginning, teaming up with Juliana was a no-brainer.

The R&D

Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) Suspension

Juliana employs a patented suspension design consisting of two short links rotating in opposite directions. This gives Juliana the ability to manipulate shock rates to match the character of each bike model. Over the years, Juliana has fine-tuned VPP to perfectly compliment the various shocks, drivetrain, travel and wheel sizes of their bikes. Additionally, these short links allow Juliana to create compact, sleek suspension systems. 


"Confidence inspiring, because you can just mash through a lot of stuff, you don't have to pick a good line or anything, it just goes. It's great..."

"As a woman, when I am shopping for bikes, I almost get insulted when I see some of the specs; to see a bike [for women] that is not dumbed down...is really cool."

- Bike Mag's Bible of Bike Tests - Full Review here
"We really admired the attention to detail and how clean this bike looks. The "Hella Yella" color is matched throughout, molded rubber guards help protect the frame, internal seatpost cable routing keeps things tidy, external brake and derailleur routing make maintenance easier, and the threaded bottom bracket ensures that the bike will stay quiet...On wide open and smoother trails it was stable, balanced in the air, reacted the way we wanted it to, and was quick while pumping which made for a super fun ride for the proactive rider."

- Vital MTB - Full Review here
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