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How did you come to work at evo?
I met Bryce, Pete, Pete's brother Charlie, and Big Mountain Bill (evo's first customer service dude) down in Las Lenas, Argentina in '03, right before I was set to move to Seattle. We killed it in the deep bounty of the Santa Rosa and then met back up in Seattle. I walked into the old office looking for a cheap ski pass and was confused by the mountains of cardboard and stale pizza. "What do you guys *do* here anyway?!" The rest is history...

What's your weapon of choice?
I've skied since I was a little kid, so no matter what other snow-sliding distractions come about, I always go back to the two planks. Also, a chainsaw.

Why are you so cool?
I think it stems mostly from my devilish good looks, my ability to analogize at a moments notice, and my beard.

Any pets?
Yup. There is a big, white German Shepherd who likes to sleep in the bed and make fur tumbleweeds in the living room.

It's wedged between Washington, Montana... You've seen pictures.