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Women's Jones Snowboards Size Chart 

BoardSize (cm)Rider Weight (lbs)Waist Width (mm)Boot Size (US Women's)Compatible Quick Tension Skins
AirHeart146100-150240Up to 8.5 
AirHeart149110-160242Up to 8.5 
AirHeart152110-160244Up to 8.5 
 Hovercraft14490-140241Up to 8.5 
 Hovercraft **146100-150244Up to 8.5A
 Hovercraft150110-160247Up to 10.5 
 Flagship146100-150237Up to 8.5 
 Flagship146100-150239Up to 8.5 
 Flagship152110-160241Up to 8.5 
 Flagship155110-160243Up to 8.5 
Solution14690-140237Up to 8.5A
Solution149100-150239Up to 8.5 
Solution152110-160241Up to 8.5A
Solution155120-170243Up to 8.5A
Mind Expander14290-140240Up to 8.5 
Mind Expander146100-150244Up to 8.5 
Mind Expander150110-160248Up to 10.5 
Twin Sister14090-140238Up to 8.5 
Twin Sister143100-150240Up to 8.5 
Twin Sister146100-150242Up to 8.5 
Twin Sister149110-160244Up to 8.5 
Twin Sister152110-160246Up to 10.5 
Twin Sister155120-170248Up to 10.5 
Dream Catcher14290-140236Up to 8.5 
Dream Catcher **145100-150238Up to 8.5A
Dream Catcher **148100-150240Up to 8.5A
Dream Catcher **151110-160242Up to 8.5A
Dream Catcher **154120-170244Up to 10.5A

** These models exist in both solid and splitboard versions. Dimensions are identical.