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Norrona - Ski and Snowboard Jackets, Pants & Layers

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About Norrøna

Quality. Functionality. Design. These are Norrøna's foundational building blocks, complemented by their company values of Roots, Innovation and Passion. From their first days as a more traditional sporting goods and leather outfitter in the 1920s to today's cutting edge mountaineering and winter sports products, Norrøna has leveraged their unique Norwegian perspective and Loaded minimalism™ philosphy to build some of the finest gear in the world. From the first European GORE-TEX prototype in 1977, to launching hunting, skiing and finally mountain biking apparel in 1987, 1995 and 2011, Norrøna continues to push the envelope of technical outerwear, accessories and packs for adventurous thrill-seekers the world over.

Leave it to the Norwegians to make exceptional outerwear and layers. Norrøna is a family-owned business started in 1929 by the current Owner and CEO’s grandfather of the same name, Jørgen Jørgensen, to make gear that could hold up on polar expeditions. Over time that’s translated to super technical, great looking outerwear exemplified by Norrøna’s Lofoten, Tamok and Røldal collections. Lofoten is designed for big mountain freeride - it’s purely technical, highly durable and proudly practical. Tamok is designed for backcountry freeriding, with a military-inspired look and distinct understated expression combined with awesome protection. Finally, Røldal is urban inspired and blends casual looks with serious mountain protection. “Welcome to Nature” is their motto, and makes us want to get out there and explore the peaks and fjords of Norway - or go just about anywhere.

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