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About Maloja

Maloja is a mountain pass in the Swiss Alps. It’s also the name of a German company, founded in 2004, that makes rad skiing and mountain biking gear. Their office is a Bavarian farmhouse, and their ethic is all about ‘maloja.’ Or, as they call it, “soul in the woods.” Whether it’s skiing in the winter or mountain biking in the summer, Maloja is all about discovering yourself through the outdoors. Yeah, we can get behind that.

Maloja Summer 2016 - Rock & Roll - The Times Are Changing

Rock ‘n’ Roll ushered in a time of transformation for the young wild ones. It was a time of living larger and going ones own way. Graham Nash commented: “Rock ‘n’ Roll is mainly an attitude. A lot of attitude in Rock ‘n’ Roll is against the status quo.”
According to Maloja, there is change taking place in the apparel industry. Many of the new developments in the outdoor world are being scrutinised for authenticity and thus a new movement in awareness is being created. Since their beginning, Maloja has believed in this movement’s many positive elements and will continue to contribute their part.
It was not just the musical epoch and the associated transformation that moved Maloja to focus on Rock & Roll as a theme for their new collection. The term Rock & Roll refers to so many things that inspires them daily:

A symbol of the outdoors, climbing and being at home in the mountains. A root theme of Maloja and one they continue to associate with in their new summer collection.

Symbolized through all forms of cycling whether it be Mountain Biking, Road Biking or Freeriding – each one fascinating and embodying the essence of what it is to rock and roll.
Finally, the style introduced by the era of Rock 'n' Roll captivated Maloja's designers. The 1960s have characterised their designs from the beginning so it was only natural for them to take a small step back in time and enter the early world of Rock 'n' Roll between 1955 and 1960.

Going in new directions, enjoying the freedom of movement:


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