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Intense Tracer

Intense Cycles Mountain Bikes

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About Intense Cycles

Founded in the early 90’s by Jeff Steber, Intense Cycles quickly set themselves apart from the rest of the industry by personally designing and building each bike that they produced in their own factory in Temecula, CA. A thoroughbred of the discipline, Intense Cycles was an integral member of the fledgling mountain bike world as the sport grew rapidly from a niche sport to the live World Cup streams and ultra-competitive brand marketplace of today.

As frame materials evolve and competition from much larger brands increases every year, Intense too has evolved, shifting away from custom handmade aluminum frames to mostly carbon fiber rigs manufactured overseas. All moving parts are still manufactured in Temecula, where final assembly and quality assurance also take place.

Intense Cycles Launches Spider 275C

evo x Intense Cycles

Intense Cycles is in a position to grow on a global level thanks to the recent launch of multiple award-winning models backed by years of bike design experience, and evo is stoked to be along for the ride. Key developments like bringing Shaun Palmer back into the fold, incorporating legendary JS Tuned suspension, and re-launching their factory racing team make Intense Cycles one to watch for 2016 and beyond.

The R&D

JS Tuned Suspension

JS Tuned is a refined suspension system, designed to work with each individual Intense bike model to optimize its individual kinematics, geometry, wheel size, drivetrain and component spec. The system is a culmination of the real world experience of the Intense Cycles founder and designer Jeff Steber, the Intense engineering team, the Factory Team riders and other experienced brand test pilots.

Two short, counter-rotating links offer the ability to fine-tune shock rates and wheel path in perfect harmony to create a balanced, active suspension system that climbs and accelerates as well as the system descends.

The Bikes

Spider 275C

"Light enough to be raced cross-country, yet capable enough to tackle seriously technical trails. Intense just popped out the proverbial unicorn. If you are looking for an all-mountain or enduro bike that will consistently save your bacon, you should opt for something with a bit more travel. As an all purprose trail bike, however, this thing is way more fun than it has a right to be."

- Pinkbike, Vernon Felton - Full Review here

"The all new Intense Spider is a bike that will have you smiling no matter if you’re going up, or down the hill. It can hang on an XC ride with its efficient pedaling while still having the Intense pedigree to descend like a bike in the 150-160mm category."

- Sicklines, Jason Nixon - Full Review here

Tracer 275C

The Tracer has been Intense Cycles most popular mountain bike dating back to its creation in 1999. Since then, the Intense Tracer has gone through six evolution resulting in one of the most capable full suspension trail bikes on the market. Progressive geometry and suspension design have helped to keep the Intense Tracer at the top of its class. In 2017, Intense has reinvented the Tracer once again, transforming the bike from an all-around trail crusher to a high speed enduro racing machine, built for the downhill. The Intense Tracer is the perfect mountain bike for gravity oriented riders who like to go fast and glide through technical terrain with ease. With a longer reach and more modern geometry, the new Intense Tracer inspires more confidence than ever before, allowing riders to shred trails that once might have had them asking for a dedicated downhill bike. The Intense Tracer is capable in the bike park, on the trails, or in the Enduro World Series.

"It’s not often that I have absolutely no complaints about a mountain bike, but the Tracer is one of those rare rigs. I can’t believe that such a bike exists that climbs and descends as well as the Tracer!"

- Singletracks, Greg Heil - Full Review here
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