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Canada Goose - Women's Extreme Weather Outerwear

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About Canada Goose

Proudly based in Toronto, Canada, making cold weather part of their identity, Canada Goose designs shell and down jackets for the world’s coldest climates that still look at home in the city. They’ve been making heavy duty down parkas and outerwear in America’s hat since the 1950s and testing them in extreme zones, from the Arctic Circle to the top of Mt. Everest. They’re a classic expedition brand, but, since they’ve never let style slip to the side you’re just as likely to see their gear on the streets of Chicago as you are at the South Pole. Equal parts good looking and game for adventure, Canada Goose fits right in here at evo.

Canada Goose in the Arctic

Canada Goose’s gear is all about holding up in tough conditions. Each piece is rated for temperature using their Thermal Experience Index, so you know what to wear in order to stay comfortable. This index ranges from the Snow Mantra Parka, one of the world’s warmest jackets which is stuffed with 675 power fill goose down to keep you warm when it’s 20 below, to the light and packable Hybridge Lite Series. Their shells, like the Timber Shell Jacket, use three-layer Tri-Durance HS, so they’re waterproof, breathable, durable, and stretchy. And they’ll always look good. Canada Goose uses natural materials, like goose down insulation and coyote fur, because they’ve found them to be the warmest possible options, but they source them ethically, through Canadian conservation organizations.

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