Almond Surfboards

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Almond Surfboards

Almond Surfboards is much more than just a surfboard manufacturer. The good folks over at Almond are a dedicated bunch who embody the culture and live the life.  From their Newport Beach HQ and store, to their apparel line and surfboards, to the extremely diverse group of Surfers + Craftsmen, Almond represents everything fun and chill about getting out on the water with friends.

“2 Feet and Firing”

Almond embraces a “surfing is fun” no matter what attitude. Their wide range of fun and versatile board shapes make any day on the water a blast.

Almond boards are hand shaped and glassed with a focus on versatility and style, finding the perfect balance of “form vs function.” Check out the start to finish process of shaping an Almond Lumberjack below!

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