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Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurf Board

On a sunny afternoon, I had the pleasure of riding both sizes of the Liquid Force Happy Pill - 5'4" & 4'6". I found the shape to be a pleasant blend of easy to ride and rippable. The bottom contour was stable yet maneuverable, and the quad fin setup gave it plenty of speed down the line. Liquid Force packed plenty of volume in this board - giving it lots of float and making it great to ride behind any boat, no matter the wave quality. The construction was highly durable and a good option for beginners and those who don't want to worry about dings. Put on your favorite tunes and groove away on the Liquid Force Happy Pill!

Lib Tech Crak'n Wakesurf Board

The Crak'n is the most fun I’ve had on a board. The narrower shape and fuller nose really give it a super surfy feel - big or small wakes, it carves absolutely effortlessly, and the Particle Accelerator Dish between the fins and the wide tail allow for speed when you need it, and pop when you want it. I can play around further back on the wake without working too hard, and it responds immediately when I want to throttle down and catch back up to the boat. The Crak'n is so versatile, lightweight, and a total blast for riders of all levels.

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