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Ronix One Time Bomb Wakeboard

Long gone are the days when I would spend my entire summer letting my skin wrinkle in the lake. I'm now more of a casual rider looking for a specific feeling when I get the chance to ride. That is why I've chosen the Ronix One Time Bomb. While it might be better known for boosting big airs, I personally am not. What I love is the feeling of laying down deep carves, throwing up big spray, buttering in the flats, and lipsliding the wake. The channeling on the tip and tail combined with a vertical sidewall-style construction make this board really fast and responsive. It has a big flat spot between your feet which provides the perfect butter zone. The 3-stage rocker allows this board to pop so effortlessly that I don't feel the need to come into the wake with eye-blurring speed before attempting my annual Tantrum. I ride this board with the Ronix One Boot which is plenty stiff for my size and style. They're easy to slip on and the ability to custom heat mold these boots makes them hands down the most comfortable boots I have ever used.

Hyperlite Maiden Wakeboard

As a more casual rider, and with wakes getting bigger, I don't find myself wanting a 3-stage rocker as much. I love the Maiden's continuous rocker and mid-soft flex because it makes for launches and landings that are easy on my knees, and perfect for smooth butters. But what you get with softer landings, you don't sacrifice in pop. You can tirelessly work on perfecting those tricks given how light the board is. Out in the flats, the Maiden's sharp edges and tapered channels make carving a blast, while maintaining hold and speed when driving back for the wake. The Hyperlite Maiden is the perfect mix of playful, poppy and smooth for that rider looking for the next step up. When it comes to strapping myself to the board, my favorite boots to ride are the Ronix Halo: the most comfortable boot I've stepped into, and one that fits my wider foot perfectly. Not to mention, the SuperStraps and overall construction make them highly customizable, and super responsive.

Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard

I often find myself wanting different ride characteristics depending on my mood or how my body is feeling that day (I'm not getting any younger!). The Murray does a bit of everything, and does it well. The variable edge design offers plenty of loose playfulness towards the center of the board, but gets more and more aggressive towards the tip and tail for those days I feel like pushing things a bit. I also appreciate that the simple design focuses on maximizing pop, but keeps landings as plush as possible. The best part about this board is the size range. Being such a tall and heavy fella, I spent many years riding boards that were too small for me. There just weren't many options for my size. Now that Murray comes in a 150, my prayers have been answered. I hopped on it and never looked back!

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