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Our Favorite Snowboard Gear for 2021


GNU Hyperkyarve C2X Snowboard

Oh this board rules! I would totally recommend this board for any type of rider. Being predominantly a camber rider, the Hyperkyarve holds strong. No matter the conditions, this board is a daily driver. Whether you’re smashing pow or ripping groomers, this board strives. I am very pleased with the flex and the directional dimensions of the Hyperkyarve. Product details say it’s a stiff board, but it feels like a good medium to me. The board was playful enough to make a groomer/side-hit day one to remember. Switch riding, yep. Elbow carves, yep. Powder, YEP! This board is the jam.

Ride Psychocandy Snowboard

I am so glad I chose this board! I’m an intermediate rider and this board allowed me to step into the next level of fun and feel like a better rider. At first, I was intimidated by the shape. But it’s the asymmetrical, directional shape and its rocker/flat profile that provide the comfort, stability and responsiveness I was looking for. It gave me the confidence to charge the way I’ve always wanted and go on adventures into terrain I would usually avoid. It floats great through early-morning powder, and holds speed through variable or heavy PNW conditions late in the day. The board is designed to ride 3–6cms shorter than your usual, so size down if you make this choice! You will have a blast.

Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero Snowboard

Get ready to have a blast on the mountain with this board. The Hometown Hero does it all. If you like to bomb hills, get some side-hit action and travel through the trees, this is the board for it. I usually like to ride fast on the groomers, and with the backseat camber in this board, I feel like I have all the stability I need. On a more playful day, I like to ride through the trees and hit the side hits. Having the shorter tail allows me to ride through trees effortlessly and take the side hits out of the trees. Everyone needs a board that can let you feel the freedom of floating through powder. With the rocker nose and short tail you can feel free to just be in the moment in powder, no more worries of taking a nosedive. With its unisex sizing, this board is for anyone who likes to do it all!

Salomon Pillow Talk Splitboard

This board is my backcountry best friend. In my search for the perfect splitboard, I wanted something that was fun and playful but able to take on wherever my legs take me. This board checks all the boxes. After a long skin up it floats in pow like a dream but it’s also ready for the spicy and tight trails out. Its directional shape gives you the charging power you want, but centered stance and rock-out camber profile keeps it freestyle friendly. The Pillow Talk falls on the softer end but it’s still packed with performance. It’s perfect for the person who wants to ride the deepest powder stashes but also views the mountain as a playground and wants to pop off everything in sight. The included pre-cut Pomoca skins are a huge bonus! I highly recommend this board for the freestyle-focused playful rider who is venturing beyond the resort.

Snowboard Boots

Vans Hi-Standard Pro Snowboard Boots

The Vans Hi-Standard Pro boot is no joke—the same classic Vans style in an upgraded pro-level construction. With a killer out-of-box fit, it was ready to rock on day 1. I wear this boot from smashing backcountry pow runs in Jackson to party laps with the crew at Snoqualmie. It’s the perfect medium-flex boot for doing it all. Plenty of cushion for flat landings or lounging in the parking lot. Lace up a pair and go do your best Arthur Longo impersonation!

Ride Context Snowboard Boots

I’ve always loved traditional laces and speed-laced snowboarding boots. I love how laces disperse the pressure evenly over my foot. When BOA started getting used for heel and ankle support (such as the BOA Conda with K2), I was eagerly waiting for the day when there would be the best of both worlds for women. The Ride Context delivers all of that and more. With the full wrapped Intuition liner, everything feels seamless and perfect around my foot and leg. Ride’s Tongue Tied tech with BOA gives me a lot of flexibility in how much support and response I choose to have depending on my style of riding for that day. The heat-reflective foil is also great at keeping my feet and toes nice and toasty. This is a great boot if you’re crushing it in the park, charging through trees and pow, or just cruising corduroy and groomers!

Snowboard Bindings

Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings

When I’m not in the trees looking for something natural to launch off or drop from, I’m most definitely bombing groomers looking for any side hit with a nice tranny! Which is why my binding of choice is the Men’s Burton Malavita Re-Flex binding. This binding offers everything I could ask for. The medium flex allows for stability at speed and deep carves, but with enough forgiveness for the tweaks. The Asym ankle straps are super comfy! They wrap my boot perfectly and because they are Asym, I can flip the straps for more freedom (usually do this on a strictly side-hit day). Nothing annoys me more than when you’re cruising and notice your toe cap has slipped up or completely down from your boot. With the Super Grip Cap Strap, this is NOT an issue! These things hold like glue. Now let’s speak to the Hi-Back. The Heel Hammock is wicked! This rubbery material really holds you and increases the response. The footbeds are canted which helps you stay in a natural position. This makes things like initiating turns way easier with less boot roll in the binding. And the gel under the heels really dampens any chatter or direct impact from landings. I could go on, but to sum it up, if you’re looking for that one binding to fit all your riding needs from park to pow, the Malavita is a no-brainer. These things rip!

Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Bindings

Dreams. Burton pretty much upgraded Sparks with the parts you were gonna change halfway through the season, making these the best splitboard bindings available. Floppy highbacks have been swapped for something a bit stiffer. The straps are legit, and the buckles solid. Think of these as dialed and Burton-branded Frankenbindings—pro-level click-clackers from the secret menu. They are light, durable, and most importantly: simple. Feel free to approach your transitions one-handed and half-hearted; it doesn’t matter anymore. Really. The T1 baseplate solved splitboarding, so you can save your product-debate breath for the climbs. These bindings allow you to transition while wearing your gloves and having a mellow conversation instead of frantically racing against frostbite, blood dripping off your bare knuckles, as your weather window wanes and conditions spiral into iced-over madness. Best split bindings ever!

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