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Lars Sternberg


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Lars Sternberg

Lars Sternberg

Lars Sternberg's rise to the position of Marketing Projects Manager / Airtime Engineer at Transition Bicycle Company wasn't exactly an accident, but it took some strange turns along the way. A successful BMX rider as a youth, Sternberg quit riding to attend mechanic's school in 1998 and actually did a stint as a Mercedes Benz tech in Seattle. Moving to Bellingham, WA in 2003 after getting a glimpse of the “new” trends in downhill mountain biking and realizing how much he simply loved being on a bike, Sternberg made a name for himself as a downhill and enduro racer, where he made his way to Transition as an athlete and employee. Lars' skills as a rider and product specialist, along with his passion for riding exemplify evo's core values of credibility and balanced ambition.


Transition Smith 5.10

INSTAGRAM @larsnbars