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evo | ups the ante on Burton's
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And the winners are............

Mad River Glenn: The Hawk
Alta: The Shin Diggers
Deer Valley: Andrew Braden & The Monoski

Due to the response and all the great submissions the Burton crew decided to take the Taos bounty and disperse it amongst all of the people who participated.

Attention Poachers!  The Poach for Freedom contest has come to a close and if you go to Burton's site they have dozens of videos up for you to peep, check them out!

Winners will be announced very shortly so stay tuned!  Burton and evo are asking you to continue  to spread the word and don't forget that its not over till its over; there are still THREE resorts where snowboarding is not welcome. 

Brief: Online Ski and Snowboarding Retailer is adding $5,000 to the total prize money for Burton’s "Poach for Freedom" Snowboarding Video Contest.

In a surprise move, Seattle-based ski and snowboard retailer evo ( announced that they will add $5,000 cash to the total purse Burton is giving away in their "Poach for Freedom" contest. Burton's controversial challenge referred to as "Sabotage Stupidity" offers $5,000 to the person or crew that submits the best video documentation of their poach experience from each of the last four remaining "fascist" resorts that do not allow snowboarding. Videos entries can be submitted and watched on Burton's website at evo's additional $5,000 increases each award by $1,250.

As a retailer that represents both skiers and snowboarders, evo feels the time is long overdue for archaic discriminatory practices to fall by the wayside. Owner, Bryce Phillips explains, “Burton is a leader. We see their move to challenge the resort community as a catalyst for long overdue change. Our company was founded on the concept of inclusiveness and we want to wholly support Burton’s move by adding $5,000 of prize money.”

evo regularly brings skiers and snowboarders together for events like movie premiers and other industry parties at its 6,000 sq. ft. retail location. To further promote synergy among skiers and boarders, the company sponsors a “switch day” when all employees go to the mountain together, trade ski and snowboard equipment, and ride together.

From the very start evo has given equal representation to skiers and snowboarders. Many evo customers participate in both sports and evo feels that it’s time for resorts to recognize that reality. What better way to do so than by augmenting Burton’s "Poach for Freedom" challenge. Phillips elaborates, “If you add our contribution to Burton's generous prize, it should almost be enough to buy a season’s pass at Deer Valley after they open their doors to snowboarders.”

evo explores the collaboration between culture and sport by seamlessly joining fashion, music, art, and sport.  Through unique events, movie premiers, art exhibitions, and partnerships evo is simply providing a venue to share its love.  Passion for building community is a driving force; both on a national level with and locally in it’s Seattle store and at

For details on evo's prize money, visit:

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