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What are carbon dioxide emissions and why should I offset them?
Many of our everyday activities like driving or boating, heating and lighting our houses contribute directly and indirectly to the creation and release of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses. These gasses are causing global climate change by trapping heat from the sun in our atmosphere and warming the planet.

Offsetting carbon dioxide emissions allows us to take part in large scale measures to reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Offset programs provide support to several types of climate-friendly projects such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, and reforestation.  

How can I get involved and how much will it cost me?
All you need to do now is check the donation button on the customer information page of the checkout. By doing so you will donate 50-cents to which will offset the emissions created by shipping your product to you. The 50-cent donation amount was calculated with consideration for the fact that our customers are all over the world and that the size of shipments ranges in size greatly.

What is and how are they affiliated with evo?
We at evo are committed to improving the communities that we live in and our global communities. We are excited about teaming up with to offer you the opportunity to get involved in the carbon offsetting movement. ( is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that combats climate change. We chose over other carbon offsetting organizations for 2 primary reasons: 1) is the only large carbon offset organization that is non-profit. 2) is the most economical. By keeping their administrative expenses to a minimum (below 5% of total donations), can pass more of your donation through to the projects that will curb global warming.

evo has partnered with CarbonFund since 2006 and joined their Carbonfree Shipping Program in 2008. Since then we have offset over 5,000 metric tonnes of CO2 (that’s almost 10 million pounds)! That is the equivalent of driving 1,080 cars for one year. 

What projects does evo support through CarbonFund?
Through our program with, we have chosen to support forest conservation projects. As trees are cut down and decompose, they release stored CO2 into the atmosphere, this accounts for over 10% of annual emissions. Replanting these trees draws more carbon dioxide from the air as well as supporting local communities and wildlife.’s offset projects are third-party verified and audited by the Environmental Resources Trust ( also educates people about the effects of climate change and options for both offsetting and reducing carbon emissions.

With’s help we have become the first ski and board sport retailer to offer customers a chance to improve the world through carbon offsets, thank you for joining us.