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Hakuba, Japan - Winter, 2012

Indulge your powder and sushi cravings on this mystical journey to the center of Japanese bliss. Morino Lodge will host 5 FREE nights accommodation for tons of snow, great powder, huge backcountry opportunities and access to relaxing hot springs. Moreover locals stay within the lines. Take one step over the rope line and, well, you get the picture. Did we mention Morino Resort's tag line is "Deep Japanese Powder"? Enough said.

Few foreigners get to experience the art and culture of skiing or boarding Japan - now you can join the few. We'll take care of the details and let you enjoy this, thanks to and evo, at a price that you can't beat: FREE 99!

These monkeys know how to party


5 Days 

Winter 2012 - Jan. 8 - April 7 (choose within that window)

Nagano, Japan

Skiing, Snowboarding, Exotic Monkey-Infested Natural Hot Springs, New Cultural Experiences, Deep Japanese Powder, Nightlife & Restaurants

Enough about bathing with monkeys. What about acres and acres of ridiculous terrain, endless runs, and over 10m of annual snowfall (yes, that's 32 feet)?  It's there. And it's waiting for you.

  • 5 free nights accommodation at Morino Lodge, or stay longer and pay for a few nights
  • Varied and interesting terrain, deep pow, and access
  • Non-stop sushi, purple rice, and Japanese blueberries
  • Round Trip Airfare provided by

Impressive, Towering Peaks in Hakuba
Terrain: Couloir is not a Japanese word, yet...

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Duration: 5 days
Trip Valued At: $7,000
Dates: Jan 7, 2012 - April 7, 2012 (your choice within window)
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