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Zeal Goggle Lens Color / Tint Guide

Lens Lens Color Conditions VLT*
                           Dark Grey Sunny / Bright Light                                                                                     10%
Dark Grey Polarized Sunny / Bright Light 10%
Polarized Gunmetal Sunny / Bright Light 18%
Phoenix Polarized Sunny / Bright Light 18%
Metal Mirror Sunny / Bright Light 20%
Phoenix Mirror Partly Cloudy / Medium Light 30%
Alchemy Mirror Partly Cloudy / Medium Light 30%
Jade Mirror Partly Cloudy / Medium Light 30%
Bluebird Mirror Partly Cloudy / Medium Light 30%
Bluebird HT Polarized Partly Cloudy / Medium Light 33%
Copper Partly Cloudy / Medium Light 40%
Sky Blue Mirror Cloudy / Low Light 80%
Automatic Plus - Partly Cloudy / Medium Light
- Cloudy / Low Light
28 - 53%
Polarized Automatic - Sunny / Bright Light
- Partly Cloudy / Medium Light
18 - 43%

*VLT (Visible Light Transmission) is the percentage of light allowed to pass through a lens. 

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