Spy Marshall Goggles

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Spy - Marshall GogglesSpy - Marshall Goggles
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Whether you live in the Wild West or the not-so-wild-west, the Spy Marshall Goggles are what you need to take the law into your own hands. The medium frame size and spherical lens is the final word for smaller face sizes and ladies who want all of the technology without a watermelon-sized frame. Triple layer foam, flex frame, super-secret anti-fog, and spherical arc lenses come standard without having to super-size your meal. When it comes to the hill, the high-quality optics provide outrageous optical clarity, so you can approach any park feature or any run with absolute confidence. Stop letting your old goggles rule your day, take the law into your own hands with the Marshall Goggles and lay it down.

Product Details


Flex FrameSPY's polyurethane flex frames fit comfortably to the contours of your face, no matter how cold it gets, so you can save your stiffies for the lodge.


100% UV Protection100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protected so you can worry about your goggle tan while they shield your eyes.

Anti-Fog LensesSPY's Anti-Fog Lenses have a super secret coating that keeps your lenses clear as day, all day long, telling moisture to go fog itself.

ARC® LensDecentered (thicker in the middle and tapering toward the edges) to provide optically correct, distortion-free viewing at all angles

Spectra MirrorThese SPY lenses contain multiple layers of mirror that keep bring light toned down

Happy Lens™New color and contrast enhancing Happy Lens™ is now in snow goggles! Making bluebird days bluer, bumps bumpier, and your sightline crisper and clearer than ever. Relaxes eyes to reduce fatigue, easily distinguish changes in terrain, good rays in & bad rays out, they're pretty much magic. *select lens / frame combinations only*


Scoop®SPY's patented Scoop® venting system combats lens fogging by promoting airflow between the lens and the face by forcing air through strategically placed vents of varying aperture on the frame.


Helmet FriendlySPY goggle frames fit a wide variety of helmets, minimizing the space between eye and head protection

Silicone RibbingSilicone Ribbing for your pleasure. This strip of silicone inside the strap keeps your goggles in place protecting your eyes from face shots without any loss of sensation or pleasure.

Face Foam

Triple Layer Isotron™ Face FoamTriple layer Isotron™ face foam is constructed of three different densities of material, each one adding to the comfort and functionality of your goggles. The topmost layer features SPY's moisture-wicking Dri-force™ fleece, which pulls sweat away from your face and out through the foam. All the comforts of bed, and built to shred.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm.


  • Frame Size: Small, Medium
  • Lens Type: Spherical
  • Helmet Compatible: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Color 12th Man/Bronze Green Spectra + Yellow Contact After Party/Happy Bronze Silver Mirror Aurora Pink/Happy Dk Blue Spectra+Happy Lucid Blue AuroraGreen/HappyBronze/GrnSpec+HpyPers/LucSilver AuroraLtBlue/HpyRose/DkBlueSpec+HappyPink/LucidBlu AuroraPink/HpyRose/DkBlueSpec+HpyPink/LucidBlue Black/Bronze Green Spectra+Persimmon Contact Black/Bronze Red Spectra+Blue Contact Black/BronzeGreenSpectra+YellowContact Black/Persimmon Chairlift Collegiate/Blue Contact Cosmic Mayhem/Pink Pink Contact CosmicMayhem/HappyRseDkBluSpectra+HpyBrnzSilvMir DannyLarsen/HppyBrnzeSilvrMirr+HppyYellwGrnSpectra DannyLarsen/HpyGryGrn/SilverSpec+HpyYel/LucidGreen DeepWinterNavy/HappyRose/DkBlueSpec+HpyPink/LucBlu Elemental Blush/Happy Bronze/Silver Mirror Elemental Gray/Happy Bronze/Dark Blue Spectra Elemental Grey/Dark Grey + Yellow Contact ElementalMint/BlueContact+Bronze EssBlack/HpyGryGrn/RedSpec+HappyYellow/LucidGreen EssBlack/HpyRose/DkBlueSpec+HpyLtGryGrn/LucidRed EssWhite/HpyGryGrn/RedSpec+HpyYellow/LucidGreen Fatigue/HappySilverMirror+HappyLucidGreen Fatigue/HappyYellow/GreenSpectra+HpyGryGrn/SilvMir Fatigue/HpyBrzeDkBluSpctra+HpyYlwGrnSpctra GalacticRed/PinkContact+BronzeSilverMirror HeritageRed/BronzeRedSpectra+PersimmonContact Hunter Red/Happy Dark Blue Spectra+Happy Lucid Red KnitGray/HpyGryGrn/RedSpectra+HpyYellow/LucidGreen Louie Vito/Happy Bronze/DkBlueSpectra+HappyPers/SM Matte Black/Persimmon Contact New Mexico/Bronze/Red Spectra + Blue Contact Nocturnal/GreyBlackMirror+PersimmonContact Nocturnal/HppyBrnzeDkBluSpectra+HppyYllwGrnSpectra Nocturnal/HpyBrnzGreenSpectra+HpyRseDkBluSpect NonToxicRevolution/HpyGryGrnSlvrMir+HpyYllwGrnSpec Prismatic Paris/Pink Contact Regal Lavender/Happy DkBlue Spectra+HappyLucidBlue Salt Tort/Happy Rose/DkBlueSpectra+HappyBrnz/SlvMr Spy+Colorado16/Happy DrkBlueSpectra+HappyLucidRed Spy+Danny Larson/HappySilverMirror+HappyLucidGreen Spy+Louie Vito/HappyDarkBlueSpectra+HappyLucidRed Tokyo Rose/Pink Pink Spectra TSL+Visie/HpyRose/DkBlueSpec+HpyGryGrn/LucidRed UndercoverGreen/BronzeGreenSpectra+YellowContact White/Bronze Green Spectra White/Bronze Red Spectra+Blue Contact White/BronzeGreenSpectra+YellowContact White/Persimmon
Conditions Sunny/Bright Light Sunny/Bright Light, Partly Cloudy/Medium Light Partly Cloudy/Medium Light Partly Cloudy/Medium Light Sunny/Bright Light, Partly Cloudy/Medium Light, Cloudy/Low Light Sunny/Bright Light, Partly Cloudy/Medium Light, Cloudy/Low Light Partly Cloudy/Medium Light Partly Cloudy/Medium Light Sunny/Bright Light Sunny/Bright Light, Partly Cloudy/Medium Light, Cloudy/Low Light Partly Cloudy/Medium Light
Lens Tech Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized Not Polarized



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