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Dry Hill - Port Angeles
Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Dry Hill has some of the best downhill mountain biking in Washington State, with flow and technical trails that challenge even the best riders. This trail area is located just outside of Port Angeles, on the Olympic Peninsula, and is home to many downhill and enduro races throughout the year. The trails at Dry Hill are rough and rugged downhill trails that are a ton of fun. Strap on the pads, and give Washington’s premiere downhill mountain bike park a ride.
 Total  Trails21 DifficultyIntermediate, Advanced, Expert
 Total Distance15.1  miles StyleDownhill, Enduro

Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Trails & Dry Hill Trail Map

Dry Hill on

Yo Mama (Upper Scott's Mom) to Brazilian to Muffin Top or White Knuckle to One Liner

This web of trails works its way down from the top of Dry Hill to the bottom. For the most part, these trails flow from one into the next, the only choice is between Muffin Top and White Knuckle, or to detour to Wayne’s World. Muffin Top heads out into a clearcut area of Dry Hill, with some big sweeping berms and fun tabletop jumps before dipping back into the trees. White Knuckle can be ridden instead of Muffin Top, it is mostly smooth, with a couple technical areas. One Liner has a more rough singletrack feel than many of the trails at Dry Hill. It doesn’t have any particularly large features, except for some wooden features on the side of the trail, but the technicality is unrelenting.

Braeburn - Access to Upper Pro, lower Pro, Chunder Dome & Cakewalk

Braeburn is a buff and fast downhill trail with a handful of fun small gap jumps, and access to a ton of other trails, too. It is a mostly straight trail, which makes for high speed. Upper Pro is the first fork off of Braeburn, and is a technical and turny challenge. Lower Pro keeps it techy, with some jump, including a cool step-up. Chunder Dome has a lot of drops along with more technical rock garden sections.  

King Diamond & Double Bypass

King Diamond is a flowy downhill mountain bike trail with sweeping turns and an assortment of technical features, jumps, and drops mixed in. It has a great variety of high speed sections, airtime, and challenging features. Double Bypass, meanwhile is tight and twisty, it will certainly challenge even the best riders’ cornering abilities.

Wayne's World

Wayne’s World is a most excellent downhill mountain bike trail. It is fast, buff, and flowy. There is an awesome road gap jump that has a clean inrun and landing, making it fun for advanced riders and progressing intermediates. Wayne’s World is one of the easiest, flowiest, and most fun trails at Dry Hill.  

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How to Get to Dry Hill: Parking & Directions

The mountain bike trails at Dry Hill are easily accessed from Port Angeles. Take Highway 101 west out of town for about three miles to Walkabout Way, taking a left here. The gate and parking are just up the road. The gate at Dry Hill remains closed except for on race days. This means all of the trails are accessed by pedaling and pushing.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

Dry Hill is located at a low elevation, right next to the Puget Sound, which means that it stays snow-free in the winter. That being said, the trails do get muddy and gnarly when it gets rainy. Roots and other technical features can be very slippery in wet conditions. In the summer, the trails can get pretty dusty, but overall they stay in nice shape.

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