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Post Canyon Mountain Bike Trail Guide

Post Canyon is Hood River’s ultimate mountain biking destination. This dense network of trails has a deep history as home to some of the best freeride mountain bike trails in Oregon. Since those early days, Post Canyon has developed into an awesome area for all kinds of mountain bike riding. Big wooden features, drops, and jumps are still staples at Post Canyon, with tons of great flow all around. The trails typically offer hard climbing, or shuttling, followed by steep and ripping fun descents. The area does share use with motorcycles, however these trail users usually stick to the upper trails.

There are tons of opportunities for cross country and all-mountain rides on the lower trails, as well as lots of vertical drop accessed by shuttling or grinding out the climb to the upper trails. Post Canyon’s dedicated local riders have not only created many hidden gems, but also continuously develop new trails. Freeride mountain bikers will find jump lines and features on several trails, too. There are a few parking areas, but the Seven Streams and Family Man's staging areas are the main access points. Each of the trails has a name as well as a number.
 Total  Trails60+ Difficulty Beginner through Expert
 Total Distance 38+ miles StyleAll-Mountain, Enduro, Cross Country, Downhill
Post Canyon mountain Bike Trails
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Trails & Post Canyon Mountain Bike Trail Map

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evo's Favorite Trails

8 Track (150)
Intermediate | 3.3 Miles | 631' Climb (West to East)

8 track is the main connecting trail from the Family Man’s area to the higher up trails at Post Canyon. It can be ridden in either direction, but is most commonly used as a climbing trail. The first section is mellow and beginner friendly, then upper 8 Track climbs steadily. 8 Track accesses some of the most fun and popular trails like Bad Motor Scooter and Grand Prix.  

Bad Motor Scooter (158) to Grand Prix (158)
Intermediate| 1.5 Miles | 92' Climb | 771' Descent

Bad Motor Scooter is as fun and playful as its name. The trail is a smooth jump trail with super great flow. All of the jumps are rollers and tabletops, so riders of varied abilities will have an awesome time. Grand Prix keeps up the flow with just under another milel. It is fast with big sweeping berms and high speed traverses.  

Intermediate | 1.1 Miles | 65' Climb | 242' Descent

Kleeway is a super fun downhill alternative to the parallel Seven Streams Trail. Kleeway rolls up, down, and around in a clearcut area with awesome buff flow and features. The rhythm and flow are all-time. Along with Seven Streams, Kleeway connects the Seven Streams and Family Man’s parking areas.  '

Post Canyon Newly Opened Trail | Kleeway from Jasper Newton on Vimeo.

Mitchell Ridge
Intermediate | 1.2 Miles | 561' Descent

Mitchell Ridge is a cool trail on its own, and is also great to make loops of the lower trails at Post Canyon. Mitchell Ridge runs, as the name implies, down a ridge with fast and smooth singletrack. There are a few root drops and features spread throughout the trail.


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Common Routes and Rides

Cross Country / All-Mountain Loop
 Total Distance 7.3 Miles Difficulty Intermediate
 Elevation Gain 1,662' Style All-Mountain, Cross Country
 Climb7 Streams, 8 Track DescendBad Motor Scooter →  Grand Prix → Charles →
100L Toilet Bowl →  Kleeway
XC / AM Loop 2
 Total Distance8.1 Miles DifficultyIntermediate
 Elevation Gain1,810' StyleAll-Mountain, Cross Country
 Climb7 Streams → 8 Track DescendBad Motor Scooter → Grand Prix →
Spaghetti Factory (Climb) → 130 → Mitchell Ridge
Shuttle Lap
 Total Distance 10.7 Miles DifficultyIntermediate & Advanced
 Elevation Drop3,687' Style All-Mountain, Down Hill
 ClimbShuttle to Green Point Reservoir DescendDirt Surfer (170) → 160 (climb) → Hidden Trail →
Borderline (133) → 140 → Bad Motor Scooter → Grand Prix →
Baby GP → 100L Toilet Bowl →  Kleeway

How to Get to Post Canyon: Parking & Directions

The mountain bike trails at Post Canyon are located a quick 10 minute drive out of downtown Hood River, or about four miles and 364’ of climbing on a bike. Riders who are shuttling will typically leave a car at the Seven Streams Staging Area, and drop off at Upper Green Point Reservoir. There is also parking available at the Family Man’s Staging Area, which is a great place for beginner mountain bikers and families to start.
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Typical Weather & Riding Conditions

The Post Canyon mountain bike trails are high enough in elevation to get snow during the winter. They typically melt out by late April. The lower trails near Family Man’s and Seven Streams have a longer riding season.

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