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Behind the Scenes in Mammoth with Level 1 Productions

There have been a lot of very large jumps build for ski movie park shoots over the years, but there are a few that are are in a class of their own. The jump built for the Level 1 crew this spring in Mammoth will certainly be remembered amongst the largest park jumps ever built. Skier Ethan Swadburg joked that you have enough time in the air "make complete thoughts... and finish them." When some of the best skiers in the world show fear, you know that they are really pushing the limits of what is possible on skis. Once the guys got comfortable with the speed needed to hit it, the session was on. At park shoots like this, there is always a nervous anticipation for the moment when someone drops in switch (backwards). Keegan Killbride took the switch hit honors, dropping in on a switch double cork. For the uninitiated, that means skiing in backwards to a 120'+ jump, spinning 900 degrees while going off-axis twice. Many other mind-bending tricks went on throughout the session, as the skiers went from scared to Park White's suggestion that "we should do that every day." Watch Habit for the full Mammoth Park shoot segment.