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Behind the Scenes with Level 1's Habit

Level 1 Productions has made some of the most classic ski films of the past 18 years, bringing their signature lighthearted style, and amazing skiing; this year’s film, Habit, is no different. The film tells the story of habit formation, or more bluntly put, the story of our junkie-like addiction to skiing. With inspiration taken from PBS documentaries of the past, the tongue in cheek narration drives the story. This year’s cast of characters features returning stars like Will Wesson, Wiley Miller, and Tatum Monod, as well as some more fresh faces, each bringing their unique style. Ben Smith, Laurent De Martin, Ethan Swadburg, and certainly Keegan Killbride all make strong cases for skiers you’re going to want to watch both this year and in years to come. Follow along as the Level 1 crew shows off their hard work shredding around the world in locations like Iceland, Russia, British Columbia, California, and streets around the world.

Drop in with us as we head behind the scenes with the skiers and creators of Level 1’s Habit, bringing you exclusive behind the scenes content from the film and its biggest stars.