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A first-of-its-kind documentary series chronicling a group of athletes, artists, and activists across snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding, FABRIC is a five-part series that illustrates what’s possible when sport is leveraged as a vehicle to affect fundamental change.

Each of the five episodes is centered around a specific theme—from Knowledge and Adaptation to Activism, Cultural Heritage, and Community—and showcases a group of groundbreaking humans united by their connections to people, place, and pursuit.

The series stars nearly two dozen change-makers whose causes extend beyond themselves. In surf, this includes big wave maverick Paige Alms along with Izzi Gomez, Leah Dawson, Hanna Scott, Sanoa Olin, Mainei Kinimaka, and the Black female collective Textured Waves. In snow, Estelle Pensiero, Robin Van Gyn, Jessa Gilbert, Marie-France Roy, Ireland Smith, Spencer O’Brien, Sandy Ward, Leanne Pelosi; and in skate, Kristin Ebeling, Alexa Berriochoa, Rose Archie, Juliette Pelchat and Hannah Eddy. 



Episode 1: KNOWLEDGE

An introduction to the complex human connection to the natural world. Robin Van Gyn, Paige Alms, Izzi Gomez, and Estelle Pensiero star in this episode about gaining experience and understanding through research and practice, developing confidence and intuition, and passing on knowledge via mentorship.

Robin Van Gyn

Robin Van Gyn is a renowned big mountain snowboarder who has taken a different path to professionalism. Through her education and training to become a guide, she matches her skillset to the terrain that confronts her. In Fabric, Robin shares what she knows with up-and-comer Estelle Pensiero to help further her own journey into the mountains.

Paige Alms

Paige Alms is a world champion big wave surfer who has studied and surfed Jaws for the majority of her life. She is on the forefront of women in big surf and has fought for equal representation in her sport. In Fabric, Paige works to mentor up-and-coming big wave phenom, Izzi Gomez.

Izzi Gomez

Izzi Gomez is a 5 x SUP World Champion attempting to change her path to become of of the best big wave surfers on the planet. In Fabric she is mentored by Paige Alms, getting hold of a lifetime of knowledge from the women that came before her.

Estelle Pensiero

Estelle Pensiero is a snowboarder who grew up surrounded by the best of the best in snowboarding at Baldface Lodge. She is stepping beyond what she knows to expand her experience in the mountains. In Fabric, Estelle embarks on trip outside of her comfort zone with Robin Van Gyn to get some experience navigating new terrain.


Challenge your standards to change your perspective. Snowboarder Maria Thomsen rethinks the narrative of motherhood; painter Jessa Gilbert leaves New York to make the mountains her canvas, free surfer Hanna Scott and Sanoa Olin go off grid to recapture the freedom of surf. 


Maria Thomsen

Maria Thomsen is one of the best snowboarders in street. She has made her mark and has the accolades to prove it. She is one of the only women in action sports to rise to success after becoming a mother. In Fabric, Maria and Tao, her son, take us behind the scenes to show the dynamic of parenting as a pro snowboarder.

Jessa Gilbert

Jessa Gilbert is a guide, artist, and pro snowboarder who has meshed all three things into a life bursting with creative process. She creates as she goes and uses all the attributes from all disciplines to create a unique life and reality. In Fabric, we follow Jessa into her mountain and artist realm as she creates motion out of the static art world.

Hanna Scott

Hanna Scott is a pro surfer from Vancouver island who is known for her creative style. Hanna is also a musician and artist which directly influences the way she surfs. In Fabric, Hanna and Sanoa Olin go off grid to reset, create, and explore remote waves.

Sanoa Olin

Sanoa Olin is a pro surfer and cold water phenom. She has grown up in the elements and knows how to hang in all types of conditions at the ripe age of 16. In Fabric, Sanoa goes exploring hidden corners to find surf with Hanna Scott, showing us that everything we need to succeed is right in front of us.

Episode 3: ACTIVISM


Fighting for a better future--doing what you can with what you have. Snowboarders Marie-France Roy and Ireland Smith demonstrate macro and micro approaches to environmental reform. Surfer Leah Dawson and skateboarder Hannah Eddy impact positive shifts for people and planet.

Marie-France Roy

Marie-France Roy is a legend in snowboarding who has dedicated her voice to environmental activism. No matter what it is, if it affects our planet, Marie is there to stand up. In Fabric, Marie shows us how to do what you can with the tools that you have, and how it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Ireland Smith

Ireland Smith is a young zero waster who has lived for 2 years without creating more than two small mason jars of trash. Her story exemplifies the youth movement, and why every little bit counts. In Fabric, Irie walks us through her drive to do something about the future of the planet.

Suay Sew Shop

Suay Sew Shop is a movement not a brand. Suay’s business is in textile recycling, repairing, and reusing discarded and damaged items to make them new again. Suay aims to Empower the consumer to reduce impact in a sector that has used and abused both humans and the planet for too long. In Fabric, we go behind the scenes with founder Lindsay Medoff to see how they take what would have been garbage in a landfill and turn it into new consumer goods, all while creating a safe and fair work environment.

Leah Dawson

Leah Dawson

Leah Dawson is pro surfer and women’s movement leader. Leah, one of the most creative humans in surf, has made a name for herself in surfing and uses that credit to create community and change in surfing. In Fabric, Leah collaborates with Hannah Scott on a work of art to motivate the community to activate.

Hannah Eddy

Hannah Eddy is an artist inspired by snowboarding and skateboarding who uses her art to perpetuate positive messaging. Hannah’s goal is to make sharable art to promote positive messaging in a space that can be quite dark. In Fabric, Hannah gets to work painting a mural in collaboration with Leah Dawson to exemplify this style of activism.

Episode 4: HERITAGE

Embracing identity and tradition to empower future generations of indigenous youth. Snowboarder Spencer O’Brien finds her voice as an Indigenous leader with help from Sandy Ward and Rose Archie. Surfer Mainei Kinimaka preserves ancestral tradition through stewardship of language and tradition.

Don't miss the Online Premiere- Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021

Featuring: Spencer O'Brien, Sandy Ward, Rose Archie & Mainei Kinimaka

Spencer O’Brien

Spencer O’Brien is a 2x Olympian and World Champion snowboard slope-style competitor. In her next chapter, Spencer is venturing into the backcountry alongside becoming an important voice for Indigenous youth. In Fabric, Spencer speaks to her reconnection with her culture and how she wants to use her voice and platform to create change through snowboarding and skateboarding.

Sandy Ward

Sandy Ward is an Indigenous Snowboarder who is part of Indigenous Women Outdoors. Sandy dedicates her time to helping Indigenous women get outdoors and access the land, offering healing from generational trauma. In Fabric, Sandy takes Spencer onto her traditional territory of to help her find her voice as a leader.

Rose Archie

Rose Archie is the founder of Nation Skate Youth and a staple in the Vancouver skate scene. Her work with Nations, alongside Dustin Henry and Joe Buffalo, takes her to Indigenous communities to spread the love and opportunity of skateboarding. In Fabric, Rose tells her story of why she started Nations Skate Youth and acts as a mentor to Spencer O’Brien.

Mainei Kinimaka

Mainei Kinimaka is a pro surfer and a student of Hawaiian history and language. Growing up with a rich culture, yet seeing the traditions fade, Mainei takes back the language to be able to share the stories of her ancestors. In Fabric, Mainei takes us through the creation and tradition of surfing and the Alaia board which surfing was founded on.

Episode 5: COMMUNITY

Creating space and opportunity for inclusion and exposure in action sports. With Skate Like a Girl, Kristin Ebeling has turned skateboarding into an outlet for LGTBQ and BIPOC shredders; Alexa Berriochoa proves as an example. Filmmaker Leanne Pelosi and Juliette Pelchat find parallels in creating platforms and opening doors, and Textured Waves works to increase surfing’s visibility for women of color.

Don't miss the Online Premiere & Panel - Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021

Featuring: Leanne Pelosi, Juliette Pelchat, Kristin Ebeling, Alexa Berriochoa, Danielle Lyons, Martina Duran & Chelsea Woody

Leanne Pelosi

Leanne Pelosi is a prolific backcountry snowboarder and filmmaker. With 3 films at her back, Leanne has continued to push snowboarding forward all the while creating space for other women to be elevated with her. In Fabric, Leanne explains her love for community and how it's impacted the new generation.

Juliette Pelchat

Juliette Pelchat is a pro snowboarder and founder of the Real Wild Kittens (RWK). The RWK creates skate camps to allow more young skaters take up space at skateparks. In Fabric, Juliette follows Leanne Pelosi out into the backcountry for the first time to learn the ropes.

Kristin Ebeling

Kristin Ebeling is a pro skater and the head of Skate Like a Girl. Kristin has dedicated her life to making skateboarding more inclusive allowing marginalized folx to take up space and create a safe community in skateboarding. In Fabric, we go behind the scenes with Kristin and follow the progression of Sea Skate which she had a direct role in creating and designing with everyday skateboarders in mind.

Alexa Berriochoa

Alexa Berriochoa is a trans skater working with Skate Like a Girl to create space for LGTBQ plus in skateboarding. In Fabric, Alexa is partnered up with Kristin in an action segment representing the importance of diversity and inclusivity.

Textured Waves

Textured Waves is a group of black females in surfing who have created a platform for women of color to be visible in surfing. Danielle Lyons, Martina Duran and Chelsea Woody work together in Fabric to explain the importance of visibility.


Yulin Olliver

Yulin Olliver (she/her) joined Wasserman in 2019 and is an agent in the Action Sports group. She represents some of the best skateboarders on the planet and has been part of Fabric since its inception in 2019.

Justin Smith

Justin is a filmmaker with a strong emphasis in editing, film score, and writing. He began making short surfing and skateboarding films with friends with his family's camcorder. Happy Okay Pictures is Smith’s media company from which he has created countless films including “Depth Perception” and “Ikigai”.

Mary Fenton

Mary is a Journalist, Marketer, and Media Professional who has been writing about surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding since 2004. Mary brought all the ideas together and created a cohesive story for Fabric.

Emily Lea

Emily is the backbone of this project working tirelessly on bringing the footage to life. She has worked with Happy Okay since 2020 on projects including “One World”.

Robin Van Gyn

Robin is the creator of Fabric and is new to the film world. Since getting the idea for the project on a solo surf trip in 2019, Robin has worked with her team to bring Fabric to life.