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Doomswell Wakesurf Size Chart - 2022

ModelLength Rider Weight
El Jefe5'6"Up to 270 lbs
Falcon4'6"Up to 220 lbs
Falcon4'8"Up to 270 lbs
Mongrel4'4"Up to 220 lbs
Mongrel4'8"Up to 260 lbs
Neo4'4"Up to 155 lbs
Neo4'6"Up to 185 lbs
Neo4'8"Up to 230 lbs
Neo5'0"Up to 265 lbs
Neo5'2"Up to 300 lbs
Nubstep4'4"Up to 155 lbs
Nubstep4'6"Up to 185 lbs
Nubstep4'8"Up to 230 lbs
Nubstep5'0"Up to 265 lbs
Nubstep5'2"Up to 300 lbs
Helio3'8"Up to 150 lbs
Hydro4'8"Up to 220 lbs
Lithium5'2"Up to 240 lbs
Nitro4'6"Up to 215 lbs

*Rider size suggested is for average fitness and ability. Above average may like smaller size/below average may require bigger size.