Wakeboarding has come a long way since the days of clunky boards, strap bindings and bulky foam core vests. But like all great activities, it continues to evolve and companies like Liquid Force are heading up that progression with innovation and style year after year. From their revolutionary new 4D binding interface to the extremely responsive FlexTrack boards, Liquid Force remains a pillar of the wake world that continuously pushes the limits of what's possible on water. Check it all out below!

4D Binding Technology

To allow for the most natural flex and best possible board feel, Liquid Force introduces the shockingly light, responsive, and impact-absorbing 4D bindings. Perhaps the most striking characteristic about these new footlockers is their minimalist footprint. With the smallest footprint the industry has ever seen, the 4D binders allow the board to perform at its truest flex and combines with their Honeycomb FlexFloor to simultaneously reduce overall weight. For mounting, the 4D bindings feature 45° angle locks with attachment points directly under the foot for better leverage and unmatched board response, especially when used with the FlexTrack system. It's important to note that 4D bindings are only compatible with Liquid Force FlexTrack wakeboards.

FlexTrack Board Technology

FlexTrack is a board-to-binding interface that features the industry's first flexible track system. Not only does FlexTrack give you virtually unlimited control over your stance, but it also creates a much more responsive feel that literally moves with you through hard carves, presses and landings.

Testers have been amazed by how deeply they can press these boards and how quickly the system rebounds for a uniquely 'springy' feel. Although the performance of the FlexTrack system is optimized for the ultra small footprint of LF's revolutionary new 4D Bindings, rest assured that it's also fully compatible with any standard 6" spread chassis. (Yep, that means you can rock your current boots without a problem!)

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