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Embracing identity and tradition to empower future generations of indigenous youth. Snowboarder Spencer O’Brien finds her voice as an Indigenous leader with help from Sandy Ward and Rose Archie. Surfer Mainei Kinimaka preserves ancestral tradition through stewardship of language and tradition.

This evening's event benefits Nations Skate Youth, whose mission is to empower Indigenous youth to embrace their right to self-determination through the positive impact of skateboarding. Nations sees the importance of preserving Indigenous culture, language, traditions and keeping it alive. They believe it takes a whole community to raise a child and they want to remind the youth to be, "PROUD OF WHO THEY ARE AND WHERE THEY COME FROM”

The Athletes of Episode 4

Spencer O’Brien

Spencer O’Brien is a 2x Olympian and World Champion snowboard slope-style competitor. In her next chapter, Spencer is venturing into the backcountry alongside becoming and important voice for Indigenous youth. In Fabric, Spencer speaks to her reconnection with her culture and how she wants to use her voice and platform to create change through snowboarding and skateboarding.

Sandy Ward

Sandy Ward is an Indigenous snowboarder who is part of Indigenous Women Outdoors. Sandy dedicates her time to helping Indigenous women get outdoors and access the land that offers healing from generational trauma. In Fabric, Sandy takes Spencer onto her traditional territory of to help her find her voice as a leader.

Rose Archie

Rose Archie is the founder of Nation Skate Youth and a staple in the Vancouver skate scene. Her work with Nations, alongside Dustin Henry and Joe Buffalo, takes her to Indigenous communities to spread the love and opportunity of skateboarding. In Fabric, Rose tells her story of why she started Nations Skate Youth and also acts as a mentor to Spencer O’Brien.

Mainei Kinimaka

Mainei Kinimaka is a pro surfer and a student of Hawaiian history and language. Growing up with a rich culture, yet seeing the traditions fade, Mainei takes back the language to be able to share the stories of her ancestors. In Fabric, Mainei takes us through the creation and tradition of surfing and the Alaia board which surfing was founded on.