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From one of the oldest brands in snowboarding to young upstarts making a name for themselves, these snowboard brands inspire. Heavily influenced by surfing, turning and having fun on the mountain, these brands are worthy of more exposure. Fueled by passion, creativity, and dedication to their craft, each of these brands brings their own fresh perspective to the table, showing us what it means to be truly commited to sliding sideways. Learn more about these influential brands and what makes them tick below.

Korua Shapes | Switzerland / Germany

Founded in 2014 by Nicholas Wolken, Stephan Maurer and Jerry Niedermeier, Korua Shapes emphasizes having a good time on the mountain, in any conditions. Their boards are easy to ride and feature clean lines and a subdued aesthetic brought to life in their extremely popular Yearning for Turning video series.

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Moss Snowstick | Japan

The snowboard industry owes a lot to Moss Snowstick and founder Shinzo Tanuma. One of the oldest snowboard brands in existence, Shinzo pioneered surfing on snow with his fiberglass and foam boards and also developed the idea of a fixed binding on a snowboard.

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United Shapes | USA

Founded in 2014 by Gray Thompson, Pete Sieper and Steven Kimura in response to their indifference with current snowboard designs, Tahoe-based United Shapes draws inspiration from the past while looking to the future. They are most inspired by snowboarding itself and consider it a powerful expression of freedom with its own identity. Their boards balance a timeless aesthetic with designs that aim to enhance the overall riding experience.

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Deus Powder Tools | Japan

Deus Powder Tools is a concept brand born from Deus Japan. Deus Ex Machina is not just about surfing and motorbikes, it's about 'simple respect for the honesty and enjoyment of the Machine’. It's celebrating and appreciating a ‘Culture of Creativity’ whether that's hand-shaping retro surfboards, customizing your motorbike or bicycles, or creating unique art and music. Shaper Takuya 'Tappy' Yoshikawa perfectly symbolizes the Deus spirit, designing snowboards that are both practical, beautiful and unique.

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Gentemstick | Japan

Gentemstick founder Taro Tamai believes that "surfing and snowboarding mutually elevate their own evolution." As both a surfer and snowboarder, Taro reads the mountain in a unique way and believes everyone should find their own line down. Gentemstick boards are created from an unframed, freedom searching mindset, in search of the perfect line.

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