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K2 shot straight from the hip on this one. A true passion project, the Mindbender Collection was designed for freeriders everywhere. Whether you're looking for a burly big mountain setup, a powerful and stable all-mountain slayer or a quick and precise bump eater, the Mindbender collection has what you're looking for.

Mindbender is also hundreds of hours of designing, testing and tweaking. Through the process, K2 engineers focused on tuning the torsional and longitudinal flex properties of each model in the line for an optimal blend of edge grip and driftability. Two solutions emerged from this philosophy - a Y-shaped Titanal beam in the Ti models, and a variable angle carbon braid in the non-Titanal models.

Built with a Titanal Y-Beam on the men's version, and Carbon Spectral Braid on the women's, the Mindbender 108Ti/106C Alliance is unquestionably burly. This is the off-piste charger of the collection, for aggressive skiers who value stability and power and love the steep, spicy and exposed.
The Mindbender Collection also takes aim at the versatile ~100mm and ~90mm waist all-mountain categories. These skis don't shy away from high speed carving or bumps, and really shine in powder leftovers and chop. These are the freeride skis you want for everyday conditions. Whether it's the 99Ti/98Ti Alliance for mixed on and off piste riding, or the 90Ti/88Ti Alliance for a more frontside experience, these versatile skis eat up terrain imperfections thanks to the damp Titanal Y-Beam, while remaining quick and playful underfoot.
K2 Mindbender Skis